Unidentified Spaceshower TV Correspondent
Kurt Cobain
Krist Novoselic
Dave Grohl
Publisher Title Transcript

Cobain: I'm Kurt, I play guitar and I sing.

Grohl: And I'm Dave and I play drums; I sing sometimes, but not that often.

Novoselic: I'm Krist, I play bass and I don't sing, thank God! But I do sing on the record.

Grohl: Yeah, Krist sings on the record.

Cobain: Yeah, he does.

Novoselic: You'll hear it, you'll hear it!

Grohl: It's his vocal, uhhh...

Cobain: Debut.

Grohl: Debut.

Cobain: De-Butt.

Novoselic: Vocal de-butt.

Grohl: Vocal de-butt. [Sings] Doin' the butt.

Cobain: It was beautiful. It was great.

Grohl: It was nice. It was cool. I mean, playing outside on a nice day. It was fun. The weather was good.

Novoselic: The weather's beautiful, everybody's feeling good, everybody's drinking alcohol and, uhhh, doing green drugs. This is such a green country, it's beautiful.

Novoselic: We're all, uhhh, big pessimists with bad attitudes, walking around and, uhhh...

Cobain: It's pretty much exactly what we expected, y'know? A sea of people, everyone drunk and having a great time. Playing with bands that we've played with before, so it wasn't really that surprising, y'know, but it was fun, can't deny that!

Grohl: Well, I mean it was... we didn't really get to do much. I mean, we saw some of the bands that played before us; I saw a band called Babes In Toyland playing. I dunno, I mean it's just cool playing a show where you can also see a lot of the bands that you really love play, but at the same time, it's sorta bad 'cause you have to do so much stuff, y'know? It's like today's been a really busy day for us, so we haven't been able to see all this stuff, y'know? I mean, I was born in 1969 and... [laughs]

Novoselic: It's nice to see all these people coming together. There's no fights or anything, people are just having a good time... rock on!

Cobain: We'd rather be here than Woodstock.

Novoselic: [Laughs] We'd rather been here than...

Novoselic: Ha! Apart from ourselves!

Grohl: Uhhh...

Cobain: Apart from ourselves, oh, well... Babes In Toyland, definitely.

Grohl: I don't think I liked anybody but us, I think I only liked us today.

Cobain: You only like yourself!

Grohl: I only like myself... I don't, yeah...

Cobain: Me, myself and I.

Novoselic: Me, myself and I. My favorite band? Y'know what? Did you see Eugene from The Vaselines and Captain America? He did a guest spot... he did Molly's Lips with us, it was beautiful.

Cobain: We'll be there at the end of this year, hopefully.

Spaceshower TV: Could you tell me more about it?

Cobain: I don't know anything else about it, other than we want to go [laughs].

Novoselic: What are you talking about? Japan?

Cobain: Yeah.

Novoselic: What's about these drift nets? [Laughs] But we can't talk... our countries are big bombers. Anyway, I dunno... Japan, good electronics! I've owned a Toyota for the past 3 years and put on about 30,000 trouble-free miles on it... Shonen Knife, Japanese band...

Cobain: Shonen Knife!

Grohl: Do you know about the band Shonen Knife?

Cobain: Shonen Knife are the best band in the world...

Grohl: They're from Japan!

Cobain: if you're in Japan and you get to see 'em, you should go see 'em!

Grohl: Shonen Knife.

Cobain: They're the best!

Grohl: They're the best!

Cobain: Have you heard of Shonen Knife? They're wonderful! You will hear of them soon... you will!

Grohl: You will!

Cobain: The whole world will!

Cobain: Beware of the Shonen Knife!

Grohl: And beware of the Shonen Knife!

Novoselic: Hello, Japan! My special message to you... island people over there on the Pacific Ocean... hang loose, don't get too uptight and, uhhh, quit your jobs and grow marijuana.

Cobain: [Laughs] Slack off!

Novoselic: Slack off! Don't work!

© Spaceshower TV, 1991