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Nirvana have signed to DGC, a subsidiary of Geffen records, leaving their original label Sub Pop for the advantages of a major deal. It's been two years since ‘Bleach’, their debut album, was released, line-up changes having delayed any further vinyl offspring. But, it hasn't been a case of simply putting their feet up, and the prospect of entering the studio next month to start work on the second long player must be a welcome one.

"It's not like we've been slouching!" says bassist Chris Novoselic.

So why Geffen?

"They've broken a lot of bands and they seem like a good Rock 'n' Roll label with a lot of stuff happening. We wanted to be closer to Guns n' Roses and of course Nelson (?!). We now have John Silva managing us who also looks after Sonic Youth (also signed to DGC), so I guess we rode in on that shadow and we didn't have any problems with the deal at all. We've just arranged a contract that protects us."

With plans to put an album out in June and visit Britain towards the end of the year, the band are obviously confident that things will work out.

"We're just going ahead with planning and working with the label. Now that we've signed our lives away!"

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