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Kurt Cobain
Krist Novoselic
Jason Everman
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Current Nirvana… A spiraling vision Yes

As the balmy spring morning turns to early afternoon, a small car darts around the corner and into the driveway. "The soft relentless mountains glisten in the light of the trees, the flowers sing in D minor, and the birds fly happily…," chirps a grinning Kurdt Kobain, "crooner and gee-tar picker" of NIRVANA.

His car comes to a stop and he bounds out, arms full of groceries. "Hi! I'm Kurdt!" he exclaims.

He pauses briefly to greet one of his four cats and chat with a neighbor before leading me into the kitchen, and then the living room. A look of pleasant surprise crosses his slightly stubbly features as he discovers the rest of the band is already there. It is one of those rare occasions, other than a show, that all four members are contained in one room. Everyone sits calmly back… let the games begin.

Although Nirvana has only been together about a year, Kurdt, and bass player Chris Novoselic, go back a long way. "Chris and I, in Aberdeen, had been trying to form a band for about four years," Kurdt explains.

"We started jamming with just juuunky equipment! I had a bass amp called the 'PMS bass amp.' It said 'PMS" on it!" says Chris.

The room erupts into laughter with guitarist Jason Everman adding, "Pre Marshall Syndrome."

"It was the classic 'punk rock rags-to-riches' story," Kurdt laughs.

The pair were known (with four different drummers) "as the band that changed their name." Among the many ill-fated titles was Skid Row. About the likeness of their name to that of the popular hard rock band Skid Row, Kurdt responds with, "It makes me glad we didn't stick with that name!"

Jason adds, with a peculiar smile, "We might be touring with Bon Jovi right now if we had. Consider that factor."

Apparently there was another band called Nirvana in the '60s, who weren't very popular. "They're like bad early Bee Gees," moans Kurdt. "I hope they try to sue us… it'd be fun! We didn't know about them at the time, and when we heard about it we bought one of their 'Budget Collectable' records for $15."

"We read a story about one of the members… he was saying something about going to the Catalonia region of Spain to get inspired by Salvador Dali's vibes," Chris recalls.

The band a more original source for their name. "Ya see, I was in the middle of transcendental meditation, and I spiraled up to the ceiling and said 'Nirvana!' and sparks came out my belly-button!" vows Kurdt.

"Wow… It was excellent! I was there," Jason sighs.

I'd like to see that live. Speaking of live, Nirvana has the most energy and delivers more power than a lot of bands I've seen lately. In fact… I think I have seen Kurdt spiral up to the ceiling! Their music makes your head bob with a sort of carefree angst, leaving you with a smile on your face and a craving for more.

Be sure to catch NIRVANA and SKIN YARD on May 26, at 9:30 p.m. in the Lindbloom Student Center. For more information call KGRG at 833-5004 or The Current, at 833-9111 ext. 267.

© Hanmi Hubbard, 1989