LIVE NIRVANA INTERVIEW ARCHIVE October 6, 1989 - Cincinnati, OH, US

Mark Shafer
Kurt Cobain
Krist Novoselic
Chad Channing
Publisher Title Transcript
WAIF Radio An Electric Fence Yes

Mark Shafer: We're down here at Murphy's Pub, we just saw a pretty good show by Nirvana. They're at the end of a tour here, go ahead and say where you're going next and what's up with you.

Chad Channing: Kansas City. Lawrence to be exact, at this place called the Outhouse. I guess it's in the middle of a cornfield, like way out there.

Krist Novoselic: Oh, yee-haw!

CC: I think it's with 24/7 Spyz.

Kurt Cobain: Sounds like fun.

KN: 27/4 Spiders.

CC: No!

KC: 247 spiders.

KN: 250… Something spiders.

CC: One million guys in a van. I don't know.

KN: I saw them on MTV once.

CC: Have you ever heard of them? 24/7… Is it 247 Spiders?

MS: I've never heard of them.

KC: You haven't? You should have, they're supposed to have fantastic promotion, I think they're on a major label with a rip off of…

MS: That's a problem as well, I wouldn't have heard about it.

KC: Well, majors creep into every nook and cranny of the world. Even I cannot handle, I mean, I can't even get away from it.

MS: I've been pretty good about it…

KN: 'Cause you're a strong man.

MS: Well, it's 'cause I don't have cable.

KN: Oh, there you go! Y'know I like getting antenna TV.

MS: Is hmm…I was gonna ask you about your discography. I know you've got the “Bleach” album that came out a couple months ago. And I've got one of your white ones…

KN: Oh, really? Those are worth 50 bucks!

KC: Those are worth “50 Bucks!”

CC: 50 whole bucks!

KN: 50 bucks!

CC: You hear that Chris? I'm getting one right now!

KC: You can retire!

MS: Oh, really? Wow, I bought it for seven.

KN: Good, I'm glad.

KC: He bought it at the Sonic Temple, at that record store where we played?

MS: Dave's gotta run to the record store. Yeah, they're starting a new record store in Pittsburgh. They're starting a new record store and a place to play. Over in Pittsburgh.

KN: Yeah, thank God. I mean, crawling up three flights, four flights of stairs…

MS: That's a pretty rough deal…

KC: Well, they were willing to help us.

KN: We had a lot of helpers.

MS: Yeah, this is just one floor down. People'll play in the basement, I think.

KC: Our discography…

MS: Yeah, I know you've got “Bleach,” then the Sub Pop thing… “Teriyaki Asthma”

KC: We had a single out before that, which is “Love Buzz” and “Big Cheese.” And on our European release, it has… It replaced “Love Buzz,” which was on it…

MS: It was on Glitterhouse?

KC: No, it's on Tupelo. They replaced “Love Buzz” with “Big Cheese” on that and on the CD as well.

KN: We have a, uh, 12-inch EP coming out

KC: It's a promo EP for Europe

KN: Pretty soon! Just in Europe only, it's going to be out in a week or so.

KC: It'll have two new songs on it off a record, an upcoming record…

KN: Two new songs, plus “Love Buzz” from “Bleach” because I guess they're really popular in Europe. Like a four song EP. It's going to be released to coincide with our tour. We're doing really good in the charts over there too.

CC: We're really looking forward to going.

KN: We're leaving in a couple of weeks.

KC: A month and a half with TAD.

MS: Oh, really?

KC: In the same van.

CC: Tad 'n' us.

MS: TAD in the same van?

KC: Yeah.

MS: Uh oh… [laughs]

KC: We're going to rent him a U-Haul and put him in it.

MS: You gotta get a ventilation system in there.

KC: What?

MS: You'll have to get a ventilation system in there.

KN: He farts and laughs a lot.

MS: Yeah, I know! [laughs]

KC: And he snores really loud! Like this! [snores like a pig]

KN: Well he snores and then, he was on this floor on…

MS: The pig-man!

KN: …the lower Eastside in New York and he just… [snores] Just shooting, gee gosh! Gosh, b’gosh…He's a great guy though, I mean, y'know.

KC: Oh, yeah! The whole band, we're looking forward to it. Really fun to hang out with.

MS: Are you going to be on the mainland or round the isles? Both?

KN: All over the continent man, all over. We've got a week in the UK, then we're going over to the Netherlands - about four, five shows. Then we're doing Deutschland…

MS: You're playing Amsterdam?

KN: Yeah, we're doing Amsterdam.

CC: And Austria!

MS: Where are you playing there?

KN: We're playing… What?

MS: In Amsterdam, do you know?

KN: A place where they serve marijuana brownies, yeah…

KC: Hash brownies [coughs]

MS: That's just about everywhere. [laughs]

KN: We're going to Budapest, Hungary. Rome, Milano, Paree!

MS: They've talked to you about going behind the Iron Curtain?

CC: Yeah, that'll be fun!

KN: Hungary's cool. They just, er, they just loosened up there…

KC: I wonder if they can get our records there? It's like, you need water, you don't need records.

MS: There's probably one person in the world has one over there or something.

CC: We should sell bottles of water while we're out.

KN: Yeah, I'm going to wear like, four pairs of jeans and sell them for 50 bucks a piece.

CC: Get some extra money.

MS: You could sell Nirvana blue jeans or something, yeah. Get them printed off.

KN: They'd be bleached, stone washed jeans.

KC: False moustaches…

CC: Bleach shirts, bandanas ‘n’…

MS: Just say it's a conceptual thing?

CC: …Bottles of water and stuff…

MS: “We have our blue jeans on sale here…”

KN: Conceptual - cash-ceptual…

CC: Buy level - ting! Buy level - ting! Ting-ting-ting-ting-ting!

MS: This is probably the first interview I ever did where I'm shivering to death.

CC: Really? Wear a coat…

KN: And it's not because you're nervous.

MS: Trying to get used to the weather out here. Actually, I have my coat but it's kind of a pain to wear it with my arm the way it is.

KN: Oh, that's right! How’d you mess your arm up?

MS: Broke it, falling down.

KN: Drunk?

MS: No, was playing football.

KN: That's not funny, man.

MS: Got my movement back this week, so I'm happy.

CC: Yay!

MS: Well, I'll let you guys get going here. I appreciate you taking the time after the show, since it's quite late.

KN: Well thanks for the interview. Could we do the radio call, what station is it?


KC: Goodnight WAIF and God bless.

KN: You're listening to…

All: You're listening to W - A - I…

KC: Or Y?

MS: I.

All: W - A - I - F.

KN: In…

CC: Cincinnati?

KN: Cincinnati. Is Loni Anderson…

CC: What's the call numbers? What's the call numbers?

KN: Is she your… Is she one of the receptionists at the station?

CC: What's the call numbers? Is it 90 something, or 80 something?

KC: Goodnight and God bless.

MS: Thanks a lot.

© Mark Shafer, 1989