1 - Medford, OR, Jackson County Expo Hall.

2 - Kurt and Courtney buy a Lexus car from the 'American Dream' used car lot in Seattle.

3 - Vancouver, BC, Pacific National Exhibition Forum.

4 - Vancouver, BC, Pacific National Exhibition Forum. After the show Kurt, Krist and Courtney Love do an interview with Nardwuar the Human Serviette. Click here to listen to it.

5 - Kurt takes the car back as he thinks it is too flash to have a car like a Lexus.

6 - Spokane, WA, Spokane Coliseum.

7 - Seattle, WA, Seattle Centre Arena (now renamed the Mercer Arena). Goldston in Gaar's 1997 Goldmine piece recalls, "Everybody had just been sick, everybody had gotten some horrible flu".

8 - Seattle, WA, Seattle Centre Arena (last gig of US tour). This was the last appearance of Goldston on cello. For the European leg of the tour Melora Craeger was hired.

? - 'Geffen' and Kurt agree to alter the artwork for the cover of the 'In Utero' album and change the title of track 'Rape Me' to 'Waif Me' after 'Wal-Mart' and 'K-Mart' had banned the LP in their chain stores, deeming it to be 'offensive' (ostensibly citing lack of consumer demand), due to all of the foetuses.

? - 'Nirvana' are confirmed as headliners for Lollapalooza 4.

24 - A letter from Kurt was run by 'The Advocate', stating that "Of all the gut-spilling and, uh, whining I did in 1993, I never felt more relaxed than with 'The Advocate'. What can I say? Thank you to the editors. I'll always be an advocate for fagdom".

28-30 - Kurt, Krist and Dave spend three days in Bob Lang Studios in North Seattle and definitely record 'You've Got No Right'. Dave and Krist also record 3 songs at this session, two of Dave's and one of Krist's. (Is this the session recorded by Adam Casper?).

2 - Fly to Europe.

4 - Paris, France, Canal+ Studios (Nulle Part Ailleurs). They are all dressed in suits and give one of their best TV performances ever.

6 - Cascais, Portugal, Pavilhao Dramatico (near Lisbon). Start of European 'In Utero' tour.

8 - Madrid, Spain, Pabellon de Deportes del Real Madrid.

9 - Barcelona, Spain, Palau Municipal dels Esports de Barcelona.

10 - Toulouse, France, Palais des Sports.

12 - Toulon, France, Zenith Omega.

14 - Paris, France, Le Zenith. Kurt starts to lose his voice and has to buy a throat spray.

15 - Paris, France, L'Espace Reuilly (cancelled).

16 - Rennes, France, Salle Omnisports.

18 - Grenoble, France, Le Summon.

19 - Neuchatel, Switzerland, Patinoires du Littoral.

21 - Modena, Italy, Palasport.

22 - Rome, Italy, Palagacchio (Marino).

23 - Rome, Italy, RAI Studios (The Tunnel). A very lacklustre TV performance, especially in comparison with that of 02/04/94. Nirvana last know performance on a tv show.

24 - Milan, Italy, Palatrussardi.

25 - Milan, Italy, Palatrussardi.

27 - Ljubljana, Slovenia, Hala Tivoli.

28 - Zurich, Switzerland, ?.

1 - Munich, Germany, Terminal 1. 'Nirvana's' last gig.

2 - Munich, Germany, Terminal 1. The second night is cancelled due to Kurt losing his voice. The gig is re-scheduled for the 12th. Kurt sees an specialist and is told to take 2-4 weeks rest as he is diagnosed with severe laryngitis and bronchitis.

3 - Offenbach, Germany, Stadthalle (cancelled and rescheduled for the 13th). Krist flies back to Seattle to oversee repairs on his house. Dave stays in Germany and films the 'Backbeat' promo (playing on the soundtrack). Kurt and Pat Smear head for Rome, with Kurt checking into suite 541 of the Hotel Excelsior. Courtney is interviewed by 'Select' magazine in London and flies out to see Kurt, with Francis and Cali, reaching him in the afternoon. That evening Kurt sends a bellboy from the hotel to get a prescription for Rohypnol (a tranquilliser which is frequently used to calm hyper-active children and prescribed for Kurt in his childhood). He then orders two bottles of champagne.

4 - At 6.30am Courtney wakes to find that Kurt had overdosed on the floor and was in a coma. It was publicly reported as an accidental overdose, with Kurt mixing champagne with Rohypnol to celebrate his reunion with Courtney. He is rushed to the Umberto i Polyclinic Hospital and has five hours of emergency treatment. It is reported that he had taken 50 Rohypnol pills and a quantity of champagne. There was apparently a suicide note at the scene although everybody connected denies that it was a suicide note.

5 - Kurt comes out of his coma. Allegedly asks for milkshake.

8 - Kurt is allowed out of the hospital and he flies back to Seattle with Courtney.

11 - Prague, Czechoslovakia, Industrial Palace (cancelled).

13 - Boeblingen, Germany, Sporthalle (cancelled).

14 - Koln, Germany, Sporthalle (cancelled).

15 - Berlin, Germany, Deutschlandhalle (cancelled).

17 - Hanover, Germany, Musikhalle (cancelled).

18 - Hamburg, Germany, Sporthalle (cancelled). Courtney calls the police from their new home in Seattle's exclusive Madrona neighbourhood to report that Kurt has locked himself in a room of the house, threatening to kill himself with his .38 calibre revolver. The police come and confiscate this gun along with a beretta .380 handgun, a taurus .38 handgun and a colt semi-automatic rifle, 25 boxes of ammunition and a bottle of assorted pills because of the "volatile situation with the threat of suicide" (according to the police report). No charges were filed. Kurt denied to them that he wanted to kill himself and declared that he had simply been trying to get away from Courtney. Courtney later admitted to the police that Kurt had not in fact threatened suicide.

19 - Copenhagen, Denmark, Falkoner Theatre (cancelled).

21 - Oslo, Norway, Sentrum Scene (cancelled).

22 - Stockholm, Sweden, The Annex (cancelled).

24 - Rotterdam, Netherlands, The Hoy (cancelled).

25 - Brussels, Belgium, Forest National (cancelled). Kurt undergoes the "tough love" treatment (at Courtney's insistence) with about 10 people including Krist, Pat, Courtney, John Silva, Dylon Carlson, Danny Goldberg and Janet Billeg. This lasts for 5 hours and takes place at their Washington Boulevard home. Kurt eventually agrees to enter into a Los Angeles detox centre later that same day. After this session Kurt, Pat and Eric Erlandson of 'Hole' rehearse in the basement. They supposedly record some tracks including 'Clean Up Before She Comes' / 'Dough Ray And Me' (AKA 'Me And My IV') / 'The Man Who Sold The World' / 'Opinion' / 'Talk To Me'. When Courtney and Janet Billig take Kurt to the airport later that day, he refuses to go. However, it was then arranged for him to check into the Exodus clinic, which he walked out of two years before, saying of the clinic that "it was disgusting". Janet and Courtney then fly to Los Angeles via San Francisco. Kurt then supposedly visits a drug dealer in the Capitol Hill district in Seattle.

26 - Courtney checks into the Peninsula Hotel in Beverley Hills and begins an outpatient program to detox from drugs. Frances Bean and her nanny fly to Los Angeles to meet up with Courtney. Revised European tour dates are released by the band and a statement saying "Kurt is restored to full health".

27 - Manchester, UK, G-Mex (cancelled).

28 - Glasgow, UK, SECC Hall 4 (cancelled).

29 - 'In Utero' is reissued in the US with a new back cover. The collage (a Cobain-penned collage of flowers, bones and foetuses) was replaced. A "non-offensive" part of the collage was blown up to fill the whole back cover and the song 'Rape Me' was changed to 'Waif Me'. A remixed version of 'Pennyroyal Tea' (as appears on the recalled single), was reportedly used on this reissue.

30 - Birmingham, UK, Aston Villa Leisure Centre (cancelled). Courtney allegedly calls the 'Rock Shop' record store in Hollywood to contact 'El Duce' but he is away on tour with his band. Kurt and Dylan Carlson buy a 6 pound Remington MII shotgun from Stan Baker Sports in Seattle (it is with this gun that Kurt kills himself/is murdered). Cobain got Dylan to guy it because he believed that he couldn't do it himself owing to the recent police confiscation of his guns. Krist then drives Kurt to the airport in Seattle, where he flys to Los Angeles, California in order to check into the Exodus drug rehabilitation clinic. He is met at Los Angeles airport by Pat and a 'Gold Mountain' employee and then he checks into the Exodus Recovery Centre at Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital in Marina Del Mar, California. Frances Bean and her nanny visit Kurt at Exodus.

31 - Birmingham, UK, Aston Villa Leisure Centre (cancelled).

1 - Cardiff, UK, International Arena (cancelled). Gibby Haynes (of the 'Butthole Surfers') visits Kurt. Joe Mama, a long time friend of Kurt and Courtney visits Kurt. Courtney doesn't visit, but they do talk to each other after Kurt calls her at her hotel. Kurt leaves the detox centre at 7.25pm after climbing over the wall. Courtney calls Kurt at the detox centre and finds out that he has escaped. She drives around Los Angeles with Joe Mama looking in likely places where Kurt may have gone.

2 - Kurt flies up to Seattle and arrives at 1am. Kurt goes to his Madrona home to find Michael Dewitt (Cali) is staying there. Kurt buys some shells for his new gun. Courtney cancels Kurt's Seafirst Bank credit card and then hires private investigator Tom Grant to look for Kurt. They meet at the Peninsula Hotel. It is rumoured that she also hires a second private investigator in Seattle to look for Kurt, by keeping an eye on some drug dealers houses on Capital Hill.

3 - London, UK, Brixton Academy (cancelled). Somebody attempts to make several charges on the Seafirst Bank credit card, amounts ranging from $1,100 to $5,000.

4 - London, UK, Brixton Academy (cancelled). A missing person report is filed for Kurt with the Seattle police. The name given by the caller is Wendy O'Connor (Kurt's mother). Two further attempts are made at trying to gain cash on the credit card, to buy $86.60 worth of flowers. It is alleged that a councillor by the name of Brad Barnett met Kurt near Kurt's Washington Boulevard house, where the two of them talked about the author F.Scott Fitzgerald, Barnett then claimed Kurt invited him back to his house. It is here that Brad claims that Kurt said that he feared for his life. There is a possibility that Kurt stayed the night at an old house that he had recently purchased in Carnation. Cigarette stubbs similar to the brand that Kurt smoked were found at the property along with evidence of another person (a woman). There was a picture of a smiley face with the words "cheer up" found afterwards. Courtney is interviewed by Robert Hilburn of the 'LA Times'.

5 - London, UK, Brixton Academy (cancelled). It is believed that Kurt committed suicide on this day, with a shotgun blast to the head. His body would be discovered three days later. According to Heaven Than Heaven the last thing he was listening to was REM's 'Automatic For The People'. Tom Grant hires a detective in Seattle called Ernie Bath to try and track Kurt down. Bath organises for some surveillance to be done at several locations, including some well-known drug venues.

6 - London, UK, Brixton Academy (cancelled).Tom Grant (the private investigator hired by Courtney to find Kurt) arrives in Seattle at 11:30pm. Somebody tries to charge $1,517.56 cash advance on the credit card. The 'Los Angeles Times' runs a story claiming that Nirvana are breaking up and that Kurt is going into drug rehabilitation, stating that "the break up is said to revolve around tensions between Cobain and bandmates, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl concerning Cobain's health problems following the Rome incident".

7 - Tom Grant and Dylan Carlson go to the house on Washington Boulevard at 2:15am. The search in the house is audio taped by Tom Grant. An emergency call is made to 911 about a "possible overdose victim" in the Peninsula Hotel in Los Angeles. Police, fire and ambulance arrive at the scene. Courtney and Eric are in the room. Courtney is taken to the Century City Hospital at 9:30am. She is released from the hospital around midday and is immediately arrested by the Beverley Hills police department and booked for "possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a hypodermic syringe and possession/receiving stolen property". After Courtney is given $10,000 bail and is released at 3pm her attorney Parry Tarlow states that she had an allergic reaction to the tranquillizer Xanox and that it was not a heroin overdose. Michael Dewitt leaves Seattle and flies to Los Angeles in the afternoon. A hoax call is made to Seattle police station department reporting a disturbance at the home. A second call cancels it saying that it was a hoax. 'MTV' news claim to have had a anonymous call from a source close to the band stating that the 'Los Angeles Times' article on the band was "better than what was really going on". 'Alt.Music.Nirvana' is created.

8 - Dublin, Ireland, RDS Simmonscourt Pavillion (cancelled). Electrician Gary Smith, who was installing security lighting on Kurt and Courtney Washington Boulevard home (171 Lake Washington Blvd. East), discovers Kurt's body at 8:40am and reports it to the police. His employer telephones 'KXRX', the local rock radio station. They ignore the call initially as they receive calls like this on a regular basis. A second call arouses their suspicions. They call the police to confirm the story. By 9:40am they begin to broadcast the news that "an unidentified white male in his twenties" had been found dead at the Cobain residence. By about midday unofficial reports confirmed the body was that of Cobain. Courtney hears about Kurt and checks out of Exodus. News is announced that Nirvana will not be playing at Lollapalooza due to Kurt's health problems (!).

10 - Seattle, WA. A public (candlelit) memorial service takes place in a parl at Seattle Centre, near the Space Needle. 7,000 fans were present. A pre-recorded message from Courtney read extracts from Kurt's suicide note and a pre-recorded message from Krist and Dave is also broadcast. There were also speeches from a minister (Reverend Steve Towles), a poet (Michael Swalis), three local DJs and a crisis councillor. Marco Collins, a program Director at KNDD, read a note from Kurt's uncle, Larry Smith. Kurt's family and friends attended his memorial service nearby at Unity Church. Courtney visited the site later, with Kat Bjelland of 'Babes in Toyland' and distributed some of Kurt's clothes to those who remained. After the speeches the crowd was moved to the large fountain nearby, where Nirvana's MTV Unplugged appearance was played over a PA. Around 5,000 people were present.

11 - Eric Harder, who recorded the 01/24/88 'Ted Ed Fred' video, hands over the video to Courtney outside her home. In Utero goes 2x Multi Platinum.

12 - Birmingham, UK, Aston Villa Leisure Centre (re-cancelled).

13 - Richard Lee, an independent investigative journalist broadcasts a programme called 'Who Killed Kurt Cobain' on the Seattle-based public access TV station.

14 - Manchester, UK, G-Mex (re-cancelled).

15 - Glasgow, UK, SECC Hall 4 (re-cancelled).

17 - London, UK, Brixton Academy (re-cancelled). Adam Rooney of '60 Minutes' commented about Cobain's suicide in his segment. He said Cobain probably never had worked hard enough in his life to get holes in his jeans, after looking at a picture of him and he bet that Cobain had 20 more just like it in his closet. Rooney quoted a girl who said that Cobain opened the worlds eyes to the problems that the youth face. He said that he did not know what all the young people were "whining" about because they had never been through a World War or the Depression and that he would trade places with us anyday. Rooney claimed that Cobain had no good reason to commit suicide because of the previous point. He said that because Cobain was a drug addict, his music "probably wasn't that good anyway" and he read an obituary of a Harvard professor in his late eighties who had died of natural causes and suggested that we should save our tears for the professor rather than for Cobain.

18 - London, UK, Brixton Academy (re-cancelled).

19 - London, UK, Brixton Academy (re-cancelled).

20 - London, UK, Brixton Academy (re-cancelled).

28 - Stockholm, Sweden, Isstadion, (re-cancelled).

? - Another Westwood One 'In Concert' release featuring Nirvana is issued.

? - 'Pennyroyal Tea' single is released in Europe. It is withdrawn due to Kurt's death, almost certainly because it featured the song "I Hate Myself And I Want To Die". Contains Scott Litt's remix of 'Pennyroyal Tea', with louder backing vocals and more guitar at the coda. Originally intended to coincide with their European tour. Because it was immediately withdrawn from circulation only a limited number of copies (an estimated 5,000) are out there, which alongside the circumstances in which it was withdrawn, has made this a collectors item.

07 - Rotterdam, Netherlands, The Ahoy (re-cancelled).

09 - Cardiff, UK, International Arena (re-cancelled).

10 - Dublin, Ireland (re-cancelled).

11 - The police report is released which officially states "there's been no foul play - just an early death that no one could explain".

25 - In Utero goes 3x Multi Platinum.

13 - Sinead O'Connor releases her cover of 'All Apologies' on her 'Universal Mother' album.

27 - REM release 'Let Me In', their eulogy to Cobain, on their album 'Monster'. Michael Stipe said about this song: 'That's a song that I wrote to Kurt Cobain after he killed himself. That was me on the phone to him, desperately trying to get him out of the frame of mind he was in. In the most big-brotherly way - God, I hate that term - in the most genuine way, I wanted him to know that he didn't need to pay attention to all this, that he was going to make it through.'

27 - Nevermind goes 6x Platinum.