Below is a direct quote from William Clarke, describing how he created the Faux Fecal Matter fakes.

Quote #1

"Purely for informational, and archival purposes, here are a few more things I've found while scouring the net, old computer files, and struggling to remember. Most of what I've found on my original statements and posts, attempting to tear the fabrication down, came off almost arrogant and belligerent. None of which was very well spoken, or even made any grammical sense. I remember feeling upset and trying to express frustration with the situation, but it didn't come off that way at all.


"The Circulating Fecal Matter/Organized Confusion Demo Tape!" Both 'Downer', and 'Suicide Samurai' were recorded on the 4-Channel (Radio Shack) mixer, which is where the cleaner and better sound comes from on those two tracks. I patched directly in to the board, no preamping / prerouting the signal involved. (Ala 'Territorial Pissings', though far inferior). The vocals on Suicide Samurai was also run directly in to the mixer, I left the bass tone all the way up on the mixer, so in turn you have a bassy distorted voice (not on purpose), those two songs we're the first recorded for the experimental demo.

Then by misfortune I lost access to the mixing board, so I was left to record the remaining Five songs by using a generic (don't remember the brand name) boom box stereo and an old console stereo system. Firstly, after losing the mixer, I think I did the only other song that I knew from the demo (what we then knew as) 'Bambi's Slaughter'. I had a few riffs pre/fake and just worked some of them into the Fecal Matter songs, the basic riffs of 'Buffy's Pregnant' had been mine for a while, but most the others I had wrote as I recorded them.

I recorded the guitar tracks for the remaining songs directly onto the boom box with the internal mic, then played the guitar tracks over the console stereo, using the same boom box as before, I placed the amplifier and the stereo speakers side by side and played guitar (with a detuner) as bass, into the boom box (2nd tape). Then by using the same low budget, crap hiss quality style, I recorded the vocals (Screaming whatever was known to be the vocals or just improv/ad-libbing the rest of the time) while also smacking a black videocassette shell casing for the boom, boom (drum) noises, which is completely random, without time.

Well after I "gumped" my way through the whole process I let a few people listen to it, just to hear the reaction, my first recorded effort with multiple tracks? I knew it sucked as real music, but was proud of the effort I gave, given I had never attempted such a multi tracked thing. ** Traded to Rob Holmes under the agreement that the person trading would remain anonymous, and I dropped him the name, 'Joe Cobain', to make the trade a bit more credible with a source for the tape. At the time I wanted to get into trading, and figured the tape would get to him, he'd hear it, and it'd be done and over with.

The other demos / tapes I've done were at different times, around the same time, but different sessions of recording, and different recording styles. Most of the things if not all have circulated to more than a handful of people, but none had as much wave as the Fake Fecal Tape.


Quote #2

"here's a partial list lifted from the FMD statements I circulated to kill the tapes:

Further proof, forgotten things in the experimental accident, (Sicker than a dog while doing this, screaming the whole demo didn't help much with the sickness"). Things forgotten that had been written about in previous description.

01. The English accent Kurt has talked about!
02. Tempo / melody / talent...
03. 'Bambi Slaughter' - lyrics weren't on time with the music, few words off.
04. 'Spank Thru' - lyrics / forgot what I was doing (Nyquil/Medicine Head/Idiot?).
05. Time / All the songs are like what 45 seconds long?
06. Downer was supposedly slowed down.
07. There isn't even bass on every song!!!
08. Forgot to detune guitar, deep growl sound, Kurt, said he did on the real demo (Kurt said he used a piano string on the guitar for the deep sound).
09. Anorexorcist as Suicide Samurai - didn't come up w/ anything so used that instead.
10. Didn't know how to play the solo for Spank thru, or chorus for Anorexorcist. (Didn't take the time out to learn it, just recorded on spur of moment, like I said). Also, back then I couldn't play a solo for the life of me (obviously!) I had only been playing like a year at that point.
11. Didn't even try to sound like Kurt, just screamed.
12. Drums?....????? NONE!!!

I could go on forever but I think you get the picture?.

I remember another MAJOR reason I was trying to stop the circulation was because I wanted everyone to stop pestering aunt, Mari Earl, about it! as well as stop the talents of Kurt as a songwriter/player be challenged based on this shitty thing. Anyway, random thoughts and notes you might find interesting, and also to possible pick through and ammend to the informational archive.


mmend to the informational archive.