THE LIVE NIRVANA FAKES GUIDE: Frequently Asked Questions

In November 2002 it was decided to pen a FAQ ('Frequently Asked Questions') for this section because we receive so many emails about fake material.

Why is there so much fraudulent material circulating claiming to be NIRVANA / Cobain compositions?

Throughout history there have always been fraudsters who have sought to mislead the unknowing either for personal profit or simply to cause mischief. The NIRVANA community has proved to be no exception. The most probable reason for the large number of fakes revolves around the zeal of the NIRVANA community to find new recordings. Without a market fraudsters would have no reason to thrive. Unfortunately because the community is so active in searching for new material this provides the unscrupulous with an opportunity to deceive either for profit (ie. selling a fake recording) or simply to cause mischief by misleading eager enthusiasts. The advent of the internet has also allowed fraudsters to reach much larger audiences, particularly through file-sharing devices.

Does it really matter that there are lots of fakes in existence?

Yes it does! Whatever the motivations behind fakes, sinister or merely mischievous, fraudsters are damaging the reputation of the band and distorting the historical record. Also it should be remembered that fraudsters by the nature of their activities are timewasters and deflect the valuable time and effort of those dedicated to bring new recordings to our community. The sheer amount of emails we receive from people making enquiries about fakes suggests the scale of the problem.

What are the tell-tale signs of a fake?

As obvious as the guidelines below may sound, they are invaluable in determining whether a recording is a fake:

How as a community can we stop fakes being made and spread?

Fakes will probably never go away, but we can reduce the havoc they cause. The best way to do this is to never to trade an item purporting to be a NIRVANA / Cobain composition or rendition before it's authenticity has been confirmed by a knowledgeable member of the NIRVANA community. If the item is confirmed as a fake it is your duty to inform other fans.

"I have this/these NIRVANA/Cobain song(s) and I'm convinced they are real, what should I do?"

Email the maintainer of this section who will gladly authenticate the material for you. We will need:

Bearing in mind all of the above we hope that it will be easier to identify and dismiss fakes in the future.