LIVE NIRVANA GUIDE TO DVDS: 02/25/94 - Palatrussardi, Milano, IT

Generation: VHS(1)>DVDR
Source: AMT #3 - amateur video "back right shot"
Length: 80 mins - complete

Transferred by: Bill Mayer
Video: 8 mb/s VBR (PAL>NTSC conversion)
Audio: PCM

02-25-94 02-25-94 02-25-94 02-25-94 02-25-94


Review: Shot from the back right of the venue, very far back. Most of the shot is focused on the whole stage, there are no good close ups. Includes "Jingle Bells" by Bill Mayer's toy penguin.

Please see the Live Nirvana Tour History for more information about the sources available for this show.