LIVE NIRVANA GUIDE TO DVDS: 04/09/93 - Cow Palace (Bosnian Rape Victim Benefit), Daly City, San Francisco, CA, US

Generation: VHS(1)>REMASTER>DVDR
Source: AMT #1 - amateur video
Length: 94 mins - complete

Transferred by: Jim Hirte
Video: 8 mb/s VBR
Audio: PCM (WAV)


04-09-93 04-09-93 04-09-93 04-09-93 04-09-93 04-09-93


Review: Shot from an elevated position on the left of the venue fairly far back. The taper does a good job in getting some very good shots of Kurt, whom is the main focus of the video. There is an unobstructed view throughout even though the stage is fairly dark at times. The picture is clear but does suffer from some waviness on the left for short portions of the show. The audio is slightly muffled but is still fairly good overall.

Inferior Transfers: There are two inferior transfers of this shot:

1: VHS(1)>DVDR, unknown

2: VHS(x)>DVDR, Boddah, 2 discs

Please see the Live Nirvana Tour History for more information about the sources available for this show.