LIVE NIRVANA GUIDE TO DVDS: 01/10/92 - MTV Studios, New York, NY, US

Source: PRO #1b - professional video
Length: 23 mins - complete (excludes soundcheck)

Transfer 1
Generation: DBS>MINI-DV(1)>DVDR - MD5 Checksum
Transferred by: Jason Peterson
Video: 720x480 NTSC 29.97 fps
Audio: PCM 48kHz 16bit

01-10-92, JP 01-10-92, JP 01-10-92, JP 01-10-92, JP

Transfer 2
Generation: DBS>DVDR
Transferred by: Jesse Dominguez
Video: 9 mb/s MPEG2
Audio: 448kb/s AC3
Equipment: Scientific Atlanta 4200HD - non-HD digital cable [S-Video out] [digital audio out] Captured with-ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9800pro (video) Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS (audio) [SPDIF RCA in] - Video capture with Virtualdub 1.5.1

01-10-92, JD 01-10-92, JD 01-10-92, JD 01-10-92, JD

Transfer Notes: Both transfers are of similar picture and audio quality and cannot be materially distinguished. Transfer 1 has no menu but does have chapter points, Transfer 2 has a menu and chapter points.


Review: Excellent pro-shot with very clear picture and excellent sound. This version was recorded off MTV and is slightly better then "PRO #1a" but it does not include the soundcheck and has the MTV logo on.

Please see the Live Nirvana Tour History for more information on the other recordings of this concert.