LIVE NIRVANA GUIDE TO DVDS: 09/21/91 - Foufounes Électriques, Montréal, QC, CA

Generation: BETA(M)>VHS(2)>DVDR
Source: PRO #1 - single camera professional video
Length: 20 mins - incomplete

Transferred by: Jim Hirte


09-21-91, Pro 09-21-91, Pro 09-21-91, Pro 09-21-91, Pro 09-21-91, Pro

Notes: On the same disc as 04-17-90 PRO #1.
A clip of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with cleaned up audio is available on the 08/10/93 interview DVD.


All songs except "Sliver" are cut. The length of each clip is shown.
Numerous songs are missing, see the link below for details.

Review: Shot partially from the front of the stage and partially from the back of the venue. Kurt is focused on for the first half of the video, but there are some good shots of Krist and Dave. Picture and audio are both of fairly good quality.

Inferior Transfers: BETA(M)>VHS(x)>STANDALONE>DVDR, unknown (this also has inferior transfers of 04/17/90 PRO #1 and 09/21/91 AMT #1 on the disc)

Please see the Live Nirvana Tour History for more information on the other recordings of this concert.