LIVE NIRVANA GUIDE TO DVDS: 08/23/91 - Reading Festival, Reading, UK

Generation: VHS(2)>DVDR - Text File
Source: AMT #2 - amateur video "close shot"
Length: 39 mins - complete

Transferred by: Mike Ziegler
Video: 8 mb/s MPEG2 CBR (PAL>NTSC conversion)
Audio: 48Khz PCM

08-23-91 08-23-91 08-23-91 08-23-91 08-23-91


Review: Shot from fairly close to the stage, towards the right. The camera is zoomed in most of the show moving round between the 3 members and Tony. The shot is fairly steady with only the occasional audience head obstructing the view. The clarity of the picture is very good, the colours do appear washed out though. The audio is a little thin but clear throughout.

Inferior Transfers: There are two inferior transfers of this source.
1: VHS(2)>D8(1)>DVDR, Barry Lajnwand
For identification purposes here are screencaps of the menus from the inferior transfer, it may be circulating with either menu:

08-23-91 08-23-91, Allen Deane re-author

2: VHS(2)>D8(1)>DVDR, Chris Hill
For identification purposes here is a screencap of the menu from the inferior transfer:


Please see the Live Nirvana Tour History for more information about the sources available for this show.