LIVE NIRVANA GUIDE TO DVDS: 02/19/90 - The Mason Jar, Phoenix, AZ, US

Generation: VHS(2)>DVDR
Source: AMT #1 - amateur video
Length: 53 mins - complete

Transferred by: Jim Hirte
Video: 8 mb/s CBR
Audio: AC3 (Dolby digital) @ 448k bitrate

02-19-90 02-19-90 02-19-90 02-19-90 02-19-90


Review: Shot from the front left of the stage, directly in front of Krist. There are excellent close ups of especially Kurt and Krist, Chad gets hidden behind Krist fairly often. The picture quality is very good despite being dark at times. The audio is somewhat distorted, the bass is prominent while the vocals are low.

Please see the Live Nirvana Tour History for more information about the sources available for this show.