LIVE NIRVANA GUIDE TO DVDS: 11/20/89 - Kapu, Linz, Austria

Generation: VHS(1)>DVDR - Text File
Source: AMT #1 - amateur video
Length: 59 mins - complete

Standalone transfer by: C.E, re-authored by Fabian Beyer
Video: 4,4 mb/s VBR (PAL)
Audio: 256 kb/s AC3

11-20-89 11-20-89 11-20-89 11-20-89 11-20-89


Review: Shot from an elevated position at the back of what appears to be a very small venue. There are heads in the way of band members below waist height due to the audience being virtually on the stage. The club is well lit which allows for excellent views of the band as well as very good clear close ups. The picture quality is also of very good quality, the audio is however a little thin but still of good quality. The cuts are only in the first bass line of the intro.

Inferior Transfers: VHS(1)>STANDALONE>DVDR, C.E, authored by Robert Möller. (lower bitrate, includes Tad show)
For identification purposes here is a screencap of the menu from the inferior transfer:


Please see the Live Nirvana Tour History for more information about the sources available for this show.