LIVE NIRVANA GUIDE TO DVDS: 10/11/89 - The Garage, Denver, CO, US

Generation: VHS(1)>REMASTER>DVDR
Source: AMT #1 - amateur video
Length: 52 mins - complete

Transferred by: Jim Hirte
Video: 8 mb/s CBR
Audio: PCM WAV

10-11-89, JH menu 10-11-89 10-11-89 10-11-89 10-11-89 10-11-89 10-11-89


Review: The DVD is labeled as 09/13/89. There are many small cuts between songs with a few songs cutting in very slightly. Shot from the stage on Krist's side (left) with a clear view of the band up until "Big Cheese", when the taper moves to the front right of the audience in front of Kurt, there are some obstructions from this angle. During "Even In His Youth" the taper moves back to his original position on the stage. The picture quality is very clear throughout but is fairly dark due to the lighting in the club. There are nice shots of all band members, although Kurt is often obstructed by Krist from the stage angle. The audio is of very good quality from both angles with all instruments having an equal mix throughout.

Inferior Transfers: There are two inferior transfers of this shot:

1: VHS(1)>D8(1)>DVDR, Barry Lajnwand.
For identification purposes here is a screencap of the menu from the inferior transfer:

10-11-89, Old BM menu

2: VHS(x)>DVDR, unknown. Bootleg DVD titled "Rocky Mountain High"

Please see the Live Nirvana Tour History for more information about the sources available for this show.