Following is a list of all updates done to the Video Guide-
okay, yeah, once again it's gonna happen...  every picture from every update -  identifying captions edited/cut off -  sent to other web pages...scan your own pictures, ya miscreants!
March 12, 2000
It's been too long..... added pictures and info for 1/24/88 Radio Shack, and 4/10/90 Ann Arbor show.  Split 1991 videos into two parts, Jan-Oct and European Tour Nov-Dec. Added graphic links for both   1991 pages, changed a picture on the banner at the bottom of the index,
November 14, 1999
added pictures and info for 9/9/89 Chicago, 11/26/89 Italy; 9/27/91 Trenton; 2/24/94 Italy - front view.
Added links to Boston 1991 and Phoenix 1993 videos on Mtv page thanks to Giovanni Solorio.
Also changed arrangement of first page a bit, added color to dates of changes on update page.
October 2, 1999
added pictures and info for 12/87 Tacoma; 7/18/89 New York; 9/26/91 Providence, 11/23/91 Ghent; 9/26/92 Cascaic Lake; 2/6/94 Cascais, Portugal. Also added info on 6/26/92 Denmark pro footage, 2/6/94 video #2, 2/27/94 Krist english iv, thanks to Carlos Paramio; 2/24/94 multicam info thanks to Matt Sarver.
August 22, 1999
changed html links in guide to reflect move to
July 5, 1999
added photos of 12/21/88 (edited version) Ted Ed Fred drawing, and 2/27/94 Krist interview picture. Added photos and info for 2/6/92 Australia, 8/30/92 Reading audience versions 2 and 3; 3/1/94 Munich. Also added photo links on first page.
May 31, 1999
added pictures for 8/24/90 Seattle; added pictures and info for 2/14/90 San Francisco; 9/21/91 Montreal (aud), 11/20/91 Barciella, 12/2/91 Newcastle; 2/27/94 Ljubjana.
April 6, 1999
added info on unsurfaced videos, and corrected / updated info in the rest of the guide. All info provided by Kris Sproul, Sean Foster, Jorge Br, and Matt Reeder. Much thanks to Kris who provided a huge list of corrections and updates.
March 21, 1999
added pictures and info for 12/21/88 Hoquiam (short version); 4/17/90 Montreal; 11/27/91 Birmingham; 6/21/92 Dublin, 6/28/92 Oslo; 4/9/93 San Francisco, 11/2/93 Montreal, 11/4/93 Toronto, 11/9/93 Bethlehem - front view, side view, 2 cam.
February 11, 1999
added pictures and info for 6/23/89 Rhino Records, 8/30/92 Reading Festival (pro), 9/10/92 Portland, 2/25/94 Milan; and info on 2/6/92 Sydney, 6/28/92 Oslo, 11/4/93 Toronto, and 2/112/94 Paris.
January 25, 1999
added pictures and some info for the following: 1989: Denver. 1990: Leeds. 1991: Montreal (pro), 4/17 Seattle, Dallas. 1994: Rome (pro), Tunnel.
January 23, 1999
added entries for 10/25/90 Leeds, 8/24/90 Seattle, and 4/17/90 Montreal. Added information on quality and notes for the following shows- 1989: Philadelphia, New York, Denver, Mezzago. 1990: Tacoma, Phoenix, Tijuana, Evergreen videos, Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Seattle, Leeds.
December 26, 1998
changed all html codes to different format; added update page, main page for concerts, page for credits, and page on how to use the guide.
November 1998
renamed guide, and added new logo on home page; added logo for each concert year, (except 1993), at top of pages.
October 1998
took over the guide from Josh.