Understanding the Guide

It's extremely important to realize that while there is some discussion of quality in the guide, there is no guarantee that when trading for a video, you will get the same quality mentioned here. In general, the lower the generation of the video, the better the quality of the dub.

First, let's start off with how the guide is set up. Each video has it's own entry. If there is more than one version of a particular show, they are listed seperately, and noted by "video #1", and so on, after the city.

sample entry
4/17/91 Seattle, WA
OK Hotel
65 min, aud

Soundcheck: Pennyroyal Tea (clip)//Show: Polly/ Big Cheese/ Turnaround/ Love Buzz/ D7/ Blew/ Been A Son/ Stain/ Negative Creep/ Wild Thing jam/ About A Girl/ Breed/ Floyd The Barber/ In His Hands/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ School/ Dive/ Territorial Pissings/ Sliver

Quality: There are alot of horrible quality copies of this floating around. This past year, a better copy surfaced. It's grainy, but clear. It is also free from the glitches on the previous version. The color is still dull though.

Notes:A very important video in the history of Nirvana, as this was the show where the band debuted Smells Like Teen Spirit. It's different than the version that made it on record.

Date, city, and venue are listed first. Then the length of the video, and the source.
Aud = shot from or by a member of the audience.
Pro = shot with professional equipment by pro cameramen; probably broadcast.
Semi-pro = shot with one or two cameras, maybe even by band or label, but camera work doesn't look professional.

The set list.

Quality: Here you will find info on any problems with the picture, or sound. These will be based on the best copy available. There will also be info on how well the video was shot. This will compliment the picture that is with the info. As pro shot video should be available in excellent quality somewhere, there will not be much info on pro video.

Notes: info about the show itself.