Nirvana: The Collectors Guide to Video

Nirvana: The Collectors Guide to Video. (c)2000, 1999, 1998 Chris Wallace
Original document (c)Josh Reinhart.

The current guide evolved out of an original document by Josh Reinhart, which was called The Nirvana Video Guide. I took over in 1998 after Josh found he didn't have the time to do updates, or add new information.

Photos in the guide have been snapped or scanned by Chris Wallace. Photos are from unreleased videos only, mostly privately shot. None are sourced from official releases. Feel free to link from your page to my main page, but please do not pass this work off as your own. Both Josh and I have put alot of work into the pages in this guide.

If you wish to use a photo or two from my page on your web site, that's fine. Please credit Nirvana: The Collectors Guide to Video, and provide a link to my page. This should go without saying, (but apparently it doesn't) - do not use all, the majority, or even a dozen of my photos, and that includes sending them to other Nirvana sites who don't know that you've essentially stolen them. If your web site is worthwhile, you can find / scan / snap your own photos without taking them all from other people's sites.

Thank you to the following people for providing info to help keep the guide up to date-
Kris Sproul, Jorge Br, Sean Foster, Matt Reeder, Damien Rockwell, John Loughney, Mike Zeigler, Carolos Paramio, Giovanni Solioro, John Jon,

Over the years as I started to get a bit more obsessive about the details of the videos I own, I began keeping notes on where the taper shot from, whether he did a decent job or not, set lists, the closest and farthest shots, etc. A few years ago, I was going to attempt to put together a video guide, but Josh already had this one started. In the time since then, the Five Horizons Pearl Jam site, as well as the Foo Fighters Internet Archive have appeared on the net, setting the standard by which all video guides are measured. There doesn't appear to be much anyone can do to top these, so a debt of gratitude is given to both sites for setting such high standards.