Spring 1989 - Go Team, K Records, Olympia WA
Go Team (for this release) was: Tamra Ohrmund (voice), Tobi Vail (drums), Louise Olsen (bass), Donna Biddle (gtr), Calvin Johnson (gtr), Kurdt Kobain (gtr).
Scratch It Out
Bikini twilight
Note: This was released as a 7" record on K records.
August 20 & 28, 1989 - Reciprocal Studios
Jury Project: Mark Lanegan, Kris Novoselic, Kurt Cobain and Mark Pickerel.
* Ain't It A Shame (Ledbelly) {Kurt lead vocals}
?* Grey Goose
Note: Jury practised/recorded some Ledbelly songs (Where Did You Sleep Last Night and Ain't That A Shame), a traditional gospel song, by way of Ledbelly - 'Grey Goose'. The name of the band was either going to be Jury or Lithium (Kurt wanted the band to be called Lithium). They rehearsed a bit, but nothing ever really became of this.
October 1989 - Smegma Studios, Seattle
Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge [Earth EP]
Note: Kurt plays some guitar parts, does some vocals.
December 1989 - Sessions for Mark Lanegan's The Winding Sheet album
Down In The Dark {Kurt backup vocals} [Winding Sheet]
Where Did You Sleep Last Night {Kurt + Kris backing} [Winding Sheet]
December 23, 1990 - Upland Studios, Arlington VA. Recorded by Barrett Jones
Dave does everything
Color Pictures of a Marigold [Pocketwatch]
Friend of a Friend  [Pocketwatch]
Just Another Story about Skeeter Thompson [Pocketwatch]
Petrol CB (Barrett Jones bg vocals)  [Pocketwatch]
Pokey the Little Puppy [Pocketwatch]
Throwing Needles [Pocketwatch]
Note: This was released on the Simple Machines label, under the band name Late!
July 27, 1991- WGNS Studios, Arlington VA. Produced by Geoff Turner
Dave does everything
Bruce [Pocketwatch]
Hell's Garden [Pocketwatch]
Milk [Pocketwatch]
Winnebago [Pocketwatch]
Note: This was released on the Simple Machines label, under the band name Late!
[on tape] Sacrifice (Flipper) Seattle 01/15/92 {Melvana}
[on tape] Way of the World (Flipper) Seattle 01/15/92 {Melvana}
Melvana was made of members of Nirvana and the Melvins. These are two live recordings from a small tour from back in 1992. These songs were recorded on 01/15/92 at the Crocodile Cafe, Seattle. Both songs are covers of Flipper songs. Sacrifice is also the second song on the Lysol EP. Melvana: Guitar, Vocals: Buzz Osbourne / Bass: Krist Novoselic / Drums: David Grohl.
November 1992 - Laundry Room sessions. Produced by Barret Jones.
* Guitar part for 'The Priest They Called Him' {Kurt solo} [The Priest They Called Him]
Note: about 27 minutes was originally recorded.
August - September 1992 - Kurt produces. Razor's Edge Studio, SF; Brilliant Studios, SF
Melvins' Houdini album
Sky Pup {Kurt plays guitar} [The Melvin's Houdini album]
Spread Eagle Beagle {Kurt plays percussion} [The Melvin's Houdini album]
January 22, 1993 - Ariola Ltda BMG, Rio de Janeiro recorded by Craig Montgomery

Note: A tape of Closing Time  was given to British DJ John Peel by Courtney, herself. 

 Miss World (Hole) {Kurt, Courtney, Kristen and Patty}[My Body the Hand Grenade]
[on CD]Closing Time (AKA Drunk In Rio) {Kurt, Courtney, Kristen and Patty
Early 1993 - Nighty Nite 4 track demos Seattle
Kurt, Courtney, Patty Schemel
?* Hello Kitty
?* Lemonade Nation
?* Twister
?* probably more
Note: Courtney says:
We pretended we were two sisters from Marysville, seventeen and sisteen, Dottie and Clara. We put the pitch way up on the four-track and we made up these really stupid songs …. Sent the tapes out to all the appropriate people: Maximumrocknroll, Kim and Thurston, Bikini Kill, Fugazi, Calvin, Slim Moon. Huge Buzz.
September 1993 - Live Through This sessions, Georgia
[on CD]Asking For It {backup vocals by Kurt}
other Live Through This songs
Demos for Michael Stipe
??? {Only Kurt}
Note: Michael Stipe and Kurt were never able to record together. Michael Stipe did mention that Kurt had put together some demos for him.