April 17, 1987 - Evergreen College, The Skid Row demo, KAOS Radio show
Kurt - guitars and vocals, Krist - bass, Aaron Buckard- drums
[on tape]Love Buzz (Shocking Blue) {ver}
[on tape]Floyd the Barber {ver}
[on tape]Downer {ver}
[on tape]Mexican Seafood {ver}
[on tape]White Lace and Strange (Thunder and Roses)
[on tape]Spank Thru {ver}
[on tape]Anorexorcist {ver}
[on tape]Hairspray Queen {ver}
[on tape]Pencapchew {ver}
Note: This was a live in the studio show that served as Nirvana's first demo.
October 26, 1989 - Maide Vaile Studios, London "John Peel Session"
[on CD]About A Girl {ver}
[on CD]Love Buzz (Shocking Blue) {ver}
[on CD]Polly {ver}
[on CD]Spank Thru {ver}
November 1, 1989 - Hilversum, Holland Radio Studios "VPRO Session"
[on CD]About a Girl {ver}
[on CD]Dive {ver}
[on tape]Love Buzz (Shocking Blue) {ver}
September 25, 1990 - Olympia WA KAOS FM "Boy Meets Girl Radio"
Kurt solo.
[on CD]Opinion
[on tape]Lithium {ver}
* Dumb {ver}
October 21, 1990 - Maide Vaile Studios, London "John Peel Session"
D-7 (the Wipers) [Lithium Single - UK]
Molly's Lips (the Vaselines) [Incesticide]
Son Of A Gun (the Vaselines) [Incesticide]
Turnaround (Devo) [Incesticide]
Note: There is another version of D-7 from this session - it's a different mix, the guitar cuts out for part of the song.  This session was broadcast on November 3rd, 1990.
September 3, 1991 - Maide Vaile Studios, London "John Peel Session"
[on CD]Dumb {ver}
[on CD]Drain You {ver}
[on CD]Endless Nameless {ver}
November 1991 - BBC Studios, London "Mark Goodier Session"
[on CD]Aneurysm {ver} [Incesticide]
[on CD]Been a Son {ver} [Incesticide]
[on CD](New Wave) Polly [Incesticide]
[on CD]Something in the Way {ver}
November 24, 1991 - Hilversum, Holland Studios VARA-FM "2 Meter Sessie"
[on CD]Here She Comes Now (the Velvet Underground) {ver} (2 takes)
[on CD]Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Ledbelly) {ver}
?* unknown song
Note: It's rumored that Nirvana played a song called 'Crisco', but I think that is a fake. I've talked to many people who feel the same, and no one who has any certain info about it. I have seen lyrics of it, and I really doubt that they were lyrics Kurt would write.
From the RS Cobain Book:

"At an Amsterdam radio appearance, the production crew requested a gaggle of tunes from Nevermind. Without responding, the band played a Ledbelly cover and composed a new song on air, Cobain stopping at the beginning to say: "Wait a minute, I have to think of some words for this."