December 1982 Seattle WA, Kurt's Aunt Mari's House, Organized Confusion Demo
Kurt - guitars, vocals and percussion;
? unknown
Note: There is a tape that has been circulating as the Fecal Matter tape which some think is actually the Organized Confusion demo.  It is also now claimed that this tape is faked.
December 1985 Seattle WA, Kurt's Aunt Mari's House, Fecal Matter - The Aunt Mari tape
Kurt - guitars, vocals and percussion; Dale Crover - bass, percussion.
Bambi Slaughter
Buffy's Pregnant
Downer {ver - instrumental}
Laminated Effect
Spank Thru
Sound of Dentage
Suicide Samurai
Note: Fecal Matter was the name of the band that Kurt put together.  He recorded a bunch of songs at his Aunt Mari's house on a 4 track deck.
1987/1988 - 4 track demos
[on CD]Bambi Slaughter (aka Bambi Kill) {acoustic}
[on CD]Beans
[on CD]Black and White Blues
[on CD]Clean Up Before She Comes
[on CD]Polly (aka Cracker) {acoustic}
[on CD]Sappy (aka Sad) {acoustic}
[on CD]Spectre (aka Misery Loves Company; Seed)
Note: "Cracker" / "Seed" / "Sad" are thought to be "Polly"/ "Spectre" (aka "Misery Loves Company") / "Sappy" (aka Verse Chorus Verse) , but again all is a little bit of guesswork. The exact date of recording is also up in the air. In the book, Come As You Are, there is a picture of a bio written around summer / fall 1988 that lists "Cracker" / "Seed" / "Sad" as available, so I am leaning towards thinking that they were recorded sometime in 1988. Bambi Kill is actually Bambi Slaughter (I don't know yet if it is related to the Bambi Slaughter on the Fecal Matter demo). On a bootleg cd, there is a song called 'Black and White Blues.' Most people think it is fake - it doesn't sound like Kurt at all. Amazingly, though, at the 13 Feb 1990 show in San Francisco, the band jams on this song for a little while. I am not sure about the title of the song, though - I think that it is an invention of the bootlegger.
January 23, 1988 - Reciprocal Studios {prod by Jack Endino}
Aero Zeppelin [Incesticide]
Beeswax [Incesticide]
Downer [Bleach]
Floyd The Barber [Bleach]
Hairspray Queen [Incesticide]
Mexican Seafood [Incesticide]
[on CD]Paper Cuts [Bleach]
[on CD]If You Must
[on CD]Pencapchew
[on CD]Spank Thru {ver}
Note: Dale Crover on drums.  Recorded under the name EdTedFred.  The version of Paper Cuts that is on Bleach contains background vocals not recorded at this session.  Two mixes of this tape session exist: the band mix and one that Jack Endino made afterwards.
June 1988
[on CD]About A Girl (Boom Box Recording)
?* Montage of Heck {AKA The Landlord}
Note: The Montage of Heck is about 45 minutes in length. It was edited down to Buzz Cut, then further edited down as the intro to the Love Buzz 45. This song probably was recorded at different times, since it's a collage.  There are a couple of versions, one that features the Landlord, and other features Gypsies Tramps and Thieves
June 11 & 30; July 26 and September 27, 1988 - Reciprocal Studios {prod by Jack Endino}
Love Buzz (Shocking Blue) [Bleach]
Big Cheese [Bleach]
Spank Thru [Sub Pop 200]
[on CD]Blandest
[on CD]Buzz Cut {aka Noise Bleed; unused intro for Love Buzz}
Note: Two vocals takes were made of Love Buzz, the 2nd take was mostly likely made on July 27th and September 27 was used for mixing.  The version of Love Buzz on the Sub Pop Singles Club single has a noise collage intro and during the solo that doesn't exist on the version on Bleach.
December 24, 29, 30, 31 1988 - Reciprocal Studios {prod by Jack Endino}
About A Girl [Bleach]
Big Long Now [Incesticide]
Blew [Bleach]
Mr. Mustache [Bleach]
Negative Creep [Bleach]
Paper Cuts {background vocals only}  [Bleach]
School [Bleach]
Scoff [Bleach]
Sifting [Bleach]
Swap Meet [Bleach]
Floyd The Barber {ver}
Note: They attempted Floyd, but liked the version with Dale better.  Background vocals were added to the Jan 23 1988 version of Paper Cuts.
December 24, 1988 - Reciprocal Studios {prod by Jack Endino}
[on CD]Blew {ver}
[on CD]Mr. Mustache {ver}
[on CD]Sifting {ver - instrumental}
Note: These were experimental versions of these songs, mostly in drop D tuning.
June 1989 - Evergreen State Session
with Jason Everman
Do You Love Me [Hard to Believe - Kiss tribute record]
* Dive {ver}
Note: Dive as on Outcesticide III isn't from this session. It's really a soundboard recording of Dive from the 11/18/89 Hanau, Germany show.  Reportedly, the vocals for this were finished after Chad Channing left the band.
September 1989 - Blew EP Sessions at Music Source Studios {prod by Steve Fisk}
Been A Son [Blew EP]
Stain [Blew EP]
[on CD]Even In His Youth {ver}
[on CD]Polly {Electric}
* Token Eastern Song {aka Junkyard}
Note: Been A Son is the version with a bass solo, and is different from the version on Incesticide.  Its been confirmed by the recording engineer that Token Eastern Song is in fact Junkyard.  It featured some weak guide vocals, but was left in a quite unfinished state.
January 2-3, 1990 - Reciprocal Studios {Produced by Jack Endino}
* Sappy
April '90 - Smart Studio, Madison WI. {prod by Butch Vig} "Nevermind Demos"
Dive [Sliver single]
In Bloom [Sub Pop Video Network 1]
Polly [Nevermind]
Stay Away (aka Pay To Play) [DGC Rarities Vol. 1]
Here She Comes Now (Velvet Underground) [Between Heaven and Hell Vol. 1]
[on CD]Lithium {ver}
[on CD]Breed (aka Immodium) {ver}
[on CD]Sappy
Note: There were (at least) 3 different mixes for Lithium, some with different guitar tracks. All three are circulating on bootleg CDs.
April 14-15, 1990, Evergreen University, Evergreen WA
[on tape]School
[on CD]Lithium {ver}
[on tape]Big Cheese
[on tape]Floyd the Barber
Note: Video shoot.  The version of Lithium is different than what was recorded with Butch Vig - it was probably recorded in March 1990.
July 11 & 24, 1990 {prod by Jack Endino}
with Dan Peters of Mudhoney
Sliver [Sliver single] {phone call outro}
Note: This was recorded during a studio time that Tad had booked for recording.
Autumn - Winter 1990 - 4-track / boombox demos
* Come As You Are
* Drain You
* Pennyroyal Tea
* unknown instrumental
* others?
Note:  The version of Drain You is the one that is circulating as recorded at the Melvins' House on August 1990. The story that it was recorded at the Melvins' House is one of those bootlegger's myths.   Some of these might have been done with the March 1991 demos - but the info is quite sketchy.
January 1, 1991 - Music Source Sessions, Seattle Washington {rec by Craig Montgomery}
Aneurysm [Smells Like Teen Spirit Single]
Even In His Youth {ver} [Smells Like Teen Spirit Single]
All Apologies {acoustic with a tamborine}
On a Plane {ver}
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter {instrumental}
Token Eastern Song {jam}
March 1991 - Boom box / 4-track demos
* In His Hands
* Old Age
* On a Plane
* Smells Like Teen Spirit
* Something in the Way
* Territorial Pissings
Note:  These were the songs that they gave to Butch Vig before they went in to record Nevermind.
May to June 1991 - Sound City, Van Nuys CA {prod by Butch Vig}
Smells Like Teen Spirit [Nevermind]
In Bloom [Nevermind]
Come As You Are [Nevermind]
Breed [Nevermind]
Drain You [Nevermind]
Endless, Nameless [Nevermind]
Lithium [Nevermind]
Lounge Act [Nevermind]
On A Plain [Nevermind]
Polly {just drums}  [Nevermind]
Something In The Way [Nevermind]
Stay Away [Nevermind]
Territorial Pissings [Nevermind]
Old Age {unfinished ver}
? Sappy
? Song in 'D'
? Verse, Chorus, Verse
Note: Also, Butch Vig made an initial mix of Nevermind, which was different from the released version.  Sappy is the same song as recorded in earlier sessions.
April 1992 - Laundry Room session
Oh, The Guilt [Jesus Lizard split single]
Curmudgeon [Lithium single]
Return Of The Rat (the Wipers) [8 Songs for Greg Sage and the Wipers]
October 26, 1992 - Word of Mouth Studios, with Jack Endino
?* Dumb {inst}
* Heart-Shaped Box {inst}
?* Pennyroyal Tea {inst}
* Rape Me {ver}
* tourettes {inst}
?* Scentless Apprentice {inst}
Note: All songs are without vocals - except for Rape Me.
January 22, 1993 - Ariola Ltda BMG, Rio de Janeiro recorded by Craig Montgomery
Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip [In Utero import version]
?* Other In Utero songs.
March 1993 - Pachyderm Studios recorded by Steve Albini
All Apologies [In Utero]
Dumb [In Utero]
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle [In Utero]
I Hate Myself and Want To Die (a.k.a. 2 Bass Kid) [Beavis & Butthead Experience]
Heart-Shaped Box [In Utero]
Marigold [Heart-Shaped Box single]
Milk It (a.k.a. Milkmade) [In Utero]
MV (a.k.a. Moist Vagina) [All Apologies single]
Pennyroyal Tea [In Utero]
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (a.k.a. Four Month Media Blackout) [In Utero]
Rape Me [In Utero]
Serve The Servants [In Utero]
Scentless Apprentice [In Utero]
tourette's (a.k.a. Fineprint) [In Utero]
Very Ape (a.k.a. Punky New Wave Number) [In Utero]
Sappy [No Alternative]
May 1993 - "In Utero Clean-up" with Scott Litt

Note: Heart Shaped Box had a bass effect removed & background vocals added.   All Apologies and Pennyroyal Tea were remixed.  Also, Verse, Chorus, Verse may have been remixed.

January 28 - 30, 1994 - Bob Lang's Studio, Seattle, recorded by Adam Kasper
(This was the entire band, minus Pat Smear)
?* You Got No Right (AKA On The Mountain You Got No Right)
?* Exhausted
? Dave and Krist recorded 3 more songs.
Note: You Got No Right was actually played live on Oct. 23rd 1993. Its slightly different than the song Hole did on Unplugged. Supposedly, this might be released at some point.  Its been said that Dave demoed Exhausted with Kris. From someone who conversed with Earnie Bailey, Nirvana's guitar tech:
    "In January 1994 Nirvana recorded at Bob Lang's Studio in North Seattle. .... The only song he played on was "You Got No Right". .... Dave and Krist recorded 2 of Dave's songs and 1 of Krist'. ...."
March 1994 - Kurt's Basement, Seattle. (~ 2 weeks before Kurt's death)
(Kurt, Pat Smear, Eric from Hole)
?* Clean-up Before She Comes
?* Dough, Ray and Me (aka Me and My IV)
?* Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie) {doubtful}
?* Opinion {doubtful}
?* Talk to Me {doubtful}
Note: Rumor has it that a total of 9 songs were done. The song Clean-Up Before She Comes has been released on a bootleg called Dressed For Success. I think that it was a 4-track recording from 1988. This song could have been re-recorded during March 1994.I do remember reading that Kurt had been quite depressed after In Utero because he was all written out (no new songs). Maybe that was a factor in his suicide - I don't know. If so, then it makes sense that some old, unreleased songs were re-recorded for the March 1994 sessions. There was a plan to release an EP with some songs from that session with some of the Unplugged songs when Nirvana went on tour with Lollapalooza. That EP, was, of course scrapped.
According to CL on the HSB Mailing list:
    'dough ray me is the last song Kurt wrote, mostly in the basement w/ Pat S and Eric- Also "got no right" I found a buncha lyrics on a napkin on the TV- also dr and me was called "Me and My IV" on the napkin.'