Early Songs (probably only played live)

Pre-Nirvana and early Nirvana songs- Ted Ed Fred, Pencapchew, Stiff Woodies, Throat Oysters, Bliss, Brown Cow (Brown Towel) ...
* Vendettagainst (thought to be an early name for Scoff)
Suicide Samurai
Note: There is still some discrepancie about which song is which..
Pre-Nirvana Covers {unknown info}
?* Bad Moon Rising (Credence Clearwater Revival)
?* Sex Bomb (Flipper)

Live Recordings (songs that only exist on a live recording)

[on CD] Help Me - Amsterdam, 11/05/89
[on tape] (Help Me) Death Jam - Providence, RI 09/25/91
[on CD] You Got No Right (aka On The Mountain) - Chicago 10/23/93
[on tape] Raunchola - Tacoma 01/23/87 (ref. to as Run, Rabbit Run)
?[on tape] Rock Whore - Glasgow, Scotland 11/30/91 (ref. as Crisco)
[on CD] Talk To Me - Muggia IT 11/16/91
[on CD] Token Eastern Song {aka Junkyard} Denver 09/13/89
[on CD] Verse, Chorus, Verse  (aka In His Hands) Hollywood 08/17/90 (soundcheck)
[on CD] unknown #1 Manchester 12/04/91

Live End Jams (unknown jams/songs with lyrics)

[on tape] unknown #2 - Williamsburg, VA 11/07/93
[on tape] unknown #3 (ver 1) (ver 2) - Fitchburg MA 11/12/93 San Diego CA12/29/93
[on tape] unknown #4 - Washington DC 11/13/93

Live Cover Versions
NOTE: I am only considering songs where a significant portion of the is played.

Alone + Easy Target (Dave) Europe 1991 at some soundchecks
[on CD] Baba O'Riley (the Who) Rennes, France 12/07/91
[on tape] Best Friends Girl (the Cars) Munich, Germany 03/01/94
[on CD] Carmen Fantasy (Bizet) {aka Formaldehyde} - Minneapolis, MN 10/14/91
[on CD] Dazed & Confused Led Zeppelin) Mezzago, Italy 10/26/89
[on tape] Donuts (The Legend) Washington DC 11/13/93
[on CD] The End (The Doors) Reading, England 08/23/91
[on tape] Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves (Cher) {Krist lead vocals}
[on tape] Heartbreaker (Led Zepplin) somewhere in Washington State 1987
[on CD] High On The Hog (Tad) Mezzago, Italy 10/26/89 {Kurt + Tad}
[on tape] I Feel Fine (The Beatles) Minneapolis, MN 10/14/91
[on tape] Immigrant Song (Led Zepplin) Hoquiam Eagles Lodge 12/21/88
[on tape] I Wanna Be Your Dog (Stooges) London 12/03/89
[on CD] Personalities (Viletones) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 01/23/93 {aka Jealousy}
[on tape] Loser (Tad) Mezzago, Italy 11/26/89 {Kurt + Tad}
[on tape] Love Gun jam (Kiss) Seattle 09/16/91 {Krist + Dave}
[on CD] Moby Dick jam (Led Zeppelin) Tacoma 01/23/88
[on CD] Money Will Roll Right In (Fang) Stockholm 06/30/92
[on CD] My Sharona (the Knack) Rennes France 02/16/94
* Rio (Duran Duran) Sao Paul 01/16/93 {Krist + Dave}
[on tape] The Rose (Bette Midler) Reading 8/30/92
[on tape] Run Rabbit Run (Smack) Hoquiam 12/21/88
* Seasons in the Sun (Terry Jacks) Sao Paulo 01/16/93
[on tape] Star Spangled Banner (Francis Scott Key) Reading, England 08/30/92
[on tape] Sweet Emotion jam (Aerosmith) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 01/23/93
[on tape] Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd) Tacoma 1/20/90
[on tape] Walk, Don't Run (Ventures) Köln, Germany 11/8/89 {Krist + Chad}
[on tape] Wild Thing jam (Troggs) Seattle 4/17/91

Note: Not all these songs where played in their entirety. Sometimes, they are just a drum and bass jam.