1. This is not definitive. Please make any corrections/comments. Some songs listed may not exist on tape any more. During the  early days, the band didn't have much money for blank tape, so if they didn't like something, they would erase it. Also, many  tapes were destroyed while the band was on tour during the summer of 1992. Kurt hid a bunch of tapes, notebooks, guitars in his bath tub, and the plumbing leaked - destroying everything.
  2. I do not have tapes of all of this material. I am always interesting in trading, though. Send me your list.
  3. I am not supporting bootlegs - just trying to get information out to people.

Explanation of symbols

    ? = Unsure of exact information
    * = Unreleased

= Unreleased, but available through tape trading.
  = Commercially unavailable, but on bootleg CD. I'm not going to list the bootleg, since bootlegging is not legal.

    {ver} = different version than officially released version.
    [album name] = name of the release where this version can be found.

Unknown (Probably fakes)
          * Dead
          * The Dodge
          * I'm Thinking
          * Leave Me Alone
          * Punk Theme
          * Slut

Miscellaneous information and fakes

     'Hummingbirds From Hell' is a song by the Nirvana of the '60s.
     'Yes, She is My Skinhead Girl' isn't by Nirvana, it's by Unrest.
     Midnight Macaroni is really Beck's song 'Motherfucker'.

Thanks and credits

    Mike Ziegler
    Alex Bender
    Jason Hetlebridle
    Jeff McRae
    Jonas Blank
    Jyrki Maekelae
    Liz Ellison
    Leo Cailleteau
    Rob Files
    Thomas Bradford Graham-Fang
    Matt King
    Jeffrey Carlyle
    Chris Lawrence
    Shane Virone
    Bjorn Magnusson
    Garrett Amyot
    Chris Blaney


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