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  1. When are you going to post the next update?
  2. Can I review a CD?
  3. Which bootleg is rarer, this one or that one? OR How much is this bootleg worth? OR Is this CD Japanese?
  4. You don't have a review for XXXXXX title! Are you going to add it?
  5. How do I know if my CD is a CD-R?
  6. What is a CD matrix?
  7. My matrix is scratched out, is that normal?
  8. What is a clone?
  9. Is there a bootleg for XXXXXXX Date?
  10. XXXX Disc isn't reviewed, do you know which show it contains?
  11. Why are some of the titles yellow on the disc by date page?
  12. Why are there logos on most of the scans? I recognize the black and white DN logo, but I don't recognize the blue one.
  13. Can you scan a CD for me so I can have the image without the logo?
  14. I have a CD-R or MP3 of XXXXXX and it skips/fades/has gaps. Is the original CD like this?
  15. I have some information about a vinyl bootleg......
  16. Why do you not list information for clones in the Nirvana Bootography?
  17. How/Why did you start the Nirvana Bootography?
  18. Where can I buy bootlegs? OR Do you know anything about XXXXXXX place on the Internet - have you ever ordered from them?
  20. How do I know if my CD is a clone?
  21. Will you link to my site/trade list?
  22. Which discs do you and Cory own?
The Outcesticide Series
  1. How many Outcesticide discs are there, which ones are by Blue Moon Records?
  2. Will Blue Moon Records release an Outcesticide VI? When?
  3. Where can I find Outcesticide discs?
  4. Does Blue Moon Records have a web site? What about
  5. My Outcesticide disc looks exactly like the one pictured in your review except [enter difference here]... what do you know about it?
  6. I saw a Kobra Outcesticide Vol. 8 disc on another site, why doesn't the Nirvana Bootography list this CD?
Submitting Reviews To The Bootography
  1. How should I scan images for the Nirvana Bootography?
  2. How do I submit reviews and other information to the Nirvana Bootography?
  3. Who owns my submission? What if I want to change it? Who gets credit?
Member Collections
  1. I added some titles to my collection, why doesn't it show up in my profile?
  2. Can I add CD-Rs?
  3. Are you going to add a section for non-commercial bootlegs?
  4. Why doesn't the bootography list which members own a particular title?