Review Submissions
Date Posted: 1/31/01    Time: 10:00AM EST    Posted by: Mitch Vassar

Very often people post information in the DN forums or write to me about a title that is missing from the Nirvana Bootography.  While we have tried to be as complete as possible, the Nirvana Bootography has never claimed to have every Nirvana Bootleg ever produced.  In most cases, the overlooked titles are compilation discs (containing very common material) or are somewhat new and haven't made it into mine or Cory's collection yet.  We are aware that some titles are missing and would appreciate your help to make this guide more complete.

Keep in mind that EVERYONE who is registered in the DN Forums can review existing discs that appear in the Nirvana Bootography.  Go to any review and look for a link that says "Submit A Review!".  It is here that you should submit any additional information you feel is lacking from a review.

Do NOT submit anything prior to e-mailing me.  In many cases I already have reviews for discs that do not currently appear in the Nirvana Bootography.  Please follow these rules:

  • Only submit information about ORIGINAL NIRVANA BOOTLEG CDS.
  • Only submit information about something you currently own and have been able to to inspect closely. 
  • Please do not give me information about a CD-R. 
  • Please do not give me information based on an auction you found on eBay. 
  • Please do not give me information on Bootleg Vinyl (go to for that).
  • Please follow the submitting images instructions closely.

The Bootography has always strived to maintain a uniform appearance throughout the guide.  All of the images are the same size.  If you submit an image that is of different proportions we will not be able to use it.  For this reason, it is VERY important that you read this section on submitting images very carefully!

Submitting Images:

Scanning images for the Bootography isn't too difficult, it's just time consuming. Cory and I both use Adobe Photoshop, but if you don't have the software, that's ok. I try to scan the covers at 300DPI. With photoshop I usually "sharpen" each image, and save the image as a jpeg at a "6" quality level (the quality level has to do with the amount of compression you use with the image).

A cover image usually ends up being between 35 and 65k. Cover images MUST be 350 pixels in width (the height will be 350 too, or pretty close). In other words, every panal from a booklet should be 350 pixels in width. If you have a two panel image, it should be 700 pixels in width (350 X 2) and so on. The disc itself should be scanned inside the jewel case holder. Crop it as closely as you can and the height of the disc should be 350 pixels high (width will be close to 350).

Inlays should be 440 pixels in width. The height will usually end up being about 345 or so. When you scan images, it's very important that the image not extend past the edge of the insert you are scanning... if you have to crop a little, that's ok. Just make sure the edges aren't showing. I will probably rename your images, but it would be very helpful if you could follow our naming convention. At the end of our image names we add a suffix. They are as follows:

fc = Front Of Cover
bc = Back Of Cover
ic = Inside of cover
ic12 = Inside of cover panels 1 and 2 (and it goes up in numbers)
disc = The disc image
ii = Inside Of Inlay
bi = Back of inlay

An example would be romafc.jpg, romabc.jpg, romaic12.jpg, romaii.jpg.... If something doesn't fit that description, label it as best you can so I know what you have scanned. We have a system for everything.

Submitting Reviews:

If you would like to see an excellent review in a format that makes my life easier, please look at this review that Arne submitted.  If you can submit a review in a similar format to this example, it would be much appreciated!

When you write your text reviews, make sure you include everything you see in the other reviews, including the matrix, catalog number, date, etc.  Poorly written review will not be used. 

Submitting a review is that simple, however, if it does not conform to the Nirvana Bootography standards, we simply can not use it.  If you are unsure of anything, please e-mail me before spending a signifigant amount of time.

There is no reward for review submissions except that you will have helped out the Internet Nirvana community.  Credit will be given at the bottom of your review submission.  Your review(s) will appear on the site when I am able to update it... which might be a month or more after you submit your work.

ANYTHING YOU SUBMIT BECOMES PROPERTY OF THE NIRVANA BOOTOGRAPHY.  REVIEWS AND IMAGES CAN BE MODIFIED OR REWRITTEN/REWORDED IN ANY FASHION THE NIRVANA BOOTOGRAPHY CHOOSES (I can almost guarantee that I will change things).  DO NOT SUBMIT ANYTHING IF THIS BOTHERS YOU.  I will NOT remove a review you have submitted because you become upset with me two months down the road.  If a review or images are submitted, they are no longer yours!!  Appropriate credit will be given for work submitted.