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The Collectors' Nirvana Discography (2003.03.23)
The discography is an unofficial guide to a wide range of releases, including official items and some unofficial formats.
Official Releases | Bootlegs (not CDs) | + more!

The Nirvana Bootography (2002.07.05)
The unofficial guide to unofficial Nirvana CDs.  The Nirvana Bootography attempts to cover all known commercially released CDs (no CD-Rs).  Each CD review contains tracklisting info, images of the discs artwork, ratings and more!  The Nirvana Bootography strives to be the most comprehensive Nirvana bootleg guide on the Internet!
Discs by Date | Discs by Grade | Discs by Label | Outcesticides FAQ | + more!

The DN Song Guide (2002.12.02)
The song guide has lyrics and notes for many of the almost 300 songs listed.

The Collectors' Guide To Video (2003.08.04)
The video guide is an unofficial guide for video collectors, featuring reviews for concerts and TV appearances. Captured images and comments about the performance and video quality are included.