LIVE NIRVANA BOOTOGRAPHY: Play The F***ing Guitar, Man!!

Label: Scarface
Catalog Number:  (SCR 006)
Recorded performance:  11-22-89 - U4 - Vienna Austria
Recorded performance:  02-12-90 - Cattle Club - Sacramento, CA United States

Runtime: 73:47 / 19 Tracks
Matrix: SCR006
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Scoff 4:33
02) Love Buzz 4:20
03) Floyd The Barber 2:33
04) Dive 7:23
05) About A Girl 2:43
06) Spank Thru 3:16
07) Big Cheese 4:11
08) Sappy 3:18
09) Breed 5:02
10) Been A Son 2:18
11) Negative Creep 3:34
12) Blew 10:54
13) Help Me 3:29
14) School 3:27
15) About A Girl 2:26
16) Polly 2:25
17) Molly's Lips 2:04
18) Sappy 3:20
19) Stain 2:34
Play The F***ing Guitar, Man!!

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A+  100%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This disc is the "Roma" of the Bleach era. You will not find a better sounding Bleach era show.

This is what a live show is all about... You can also get this show on "Out Of The Blue." The show was recorded for radio in Austria, and the sound is perfect. You may prefer this over "Out Of The Blue" because of the bonus tracks this disc contains. The bonus tracks were recorded at the Cattle Club on 02-12-90, however the sound from these tracks is not as good.

You can tell the band was having a good time at this show. The setlist was typical (except for the encore), however the most unique thing about the show is a drunk guy that screams at the band throughout their performance. You hear this guy with a German accent screaming "PLAY ABOUT F@@@ING GIRLS!!!!"... "TUNE YOUR F@@@ING GUITAR AND PLAY ABOUT F@@@ING GIRLS, MAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!"... Krist has a good time with him and yells back several times during the show and at one point sings some lines from The Who's "I'm a Boy" and dedicates it to the heckler. The entire show is wild and full of energy.

"Help me" is played as an encore, and is the best known recording of the song. You can hear some kind of sound repeating in the background when the band breaks between songs... I think it's soundclips of Arnold Schwarzenegger , there must be a reason, because the repeating sounds can be heard during other 1989 European shows.

Upon first glance, many collectors might pass this disc up. Don't be so quick to judge. The artwork in "Out of the Blue" is quite good, so your choice boils down to whether you want the extra tracks or the artwork. You can't lose either way.

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 100% - Submitted by "iSoundLikeKurdt" on 2001.08.19 11:26:04 AM
I have this bootleg; the quality is superb. Nirvana's performances are even more impressive, however. Not one second is boring. Despite drunken Austrians screaming for their favorite songs, or any song at all, it thoroughly entertains me. Track 2 is my favorite. It starts off with Love Buzz, and is followed by a mix of the afore mentioned drunks and sound clips from Arnold Schwarzenneger's 80's workout video. I believe this was done deliberately by Nirvana, as the clips were mixed to create a rambling of "Put your hands on the work bench and bend your knees at a 45 degree angle... Pump In Out In Out In Sexy Sexy Slim Sexy Waste..." A taunting of Arnold at a suitable venue in his home country does reflect Kurt's sickish sense of humor. As always for me, the more rare Nirvana songs are what I bought the CD for. "Spank Thru", "Help Me, I'm Hungry" (labeled "F!!! Up") and rendition of "Sappy (Verse Chorus Verse)" at each venue are what made it appealing to me.

"Help Me" Labeled As "F*** Up"

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11-22-89 - U4 - Vienna Austria
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