Label: Tupelo Recording Company
Catalog Number:  (TUP BS CD 666)
Recorded performance:  Compilation / Various

Runtime: 46:47 / 14 Tracks
Matrix: TUPBSCD666
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Disc 1
01) Beeswax 2:40
02) Mexican Seafood 1:48
03) Pen Cap Chew 2:54
04) Mr. Moustache 3:34
05) Blandest 3:52
06) Downer 1:40
07) Floyd The Barber 2:12
08) Paper Cuts 4:00
09) Spank Thru 3:25
10) Sifting (Jam) 5:20
11) Aero Zeppelin 4:27
12) If You Must 3:47
13) Hairspray Queen 4:05
14) Blew 2:55
Bleach Sessions

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: B  85%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
The tracks on this compilation disc are of excellent sound quality. Unfortunately, many of them are already available on Incesticide and it's hard to justify picking up this CD for a few Reciprocal Studio demo tracks - which are available on MANY other discs. This title is also available on vinyl.

You'd probably be better off obtaining these off of Into The Black or other compilations that offer more unreleased songs.

There is also a Vinyl version of this release.
Disc was submitted to the Nirvana Bootography for review and scans by "dumb" of the DN forums!

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 80% - Submitted by "systemofanirvana" on 2003.02.22 03:02:44 PM
This CD is pretty good. Not really anything special...but cool to say you own. Many of these songs are available on other discs. The coolest thing on this disc is the all instrumental version of "Sifting." "Spank Thru" is kind of mislabeled as "Spanks Thru" and for some reason they still credit Jason Everman as a guitarist on the album. If you really want to hear Everman listen to the Kiss tribute song "Do You Love Me?" because that is the only known recording with him actually playing guitar with Nirvana. | all documents, unless otherwise noted, © 2001 - Present | Contact webmaster