Label: No Label
Catalog Number:  (No Catalog Number)
Recorded performance:  08-25-91 - Pukkelpop Festival - Hasselt Belgium

Runtime: 34:24 / 11 Tracks
Matrix: N 25891
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Polly 3:02
02) School 2:35
03) Sliver 2:14
04) Drain You 3:47
05) Come As You Are 3:31
06) Floyd The Barber 2:25
07) Love Buzz 4:00
08) Been A Son 2:17
09) Negative Creep 2:29
10) Blew 3:25
11) Endless, Nameless 4:39
Digital Nirvana

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  98%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
Before you read this review, know that Digital Nirvana did not have anything to do with the production of this CD. We're as surprised as anyone to find a disc that is named the same as this domain... maybe it's a coincidence, maybe it's an encouraging nudge by some bootlegger out there who likes this site (I like to think that). Whatever the reason, nobody associated with Digital Nirvana has anything to do with the sale of bootlegs, bootleg production, or the endorsement of bootlegs. We just report the truth folks... this is only a guide.

While Digital Nirvana is a very short disc, it is complete. The sound has been run through some kind of digital noise reduction (you can hear strange artefacts between songs) so it's reccomended that you pick up the trading circle version of this source instead. This isn't a soundboard recording as advertised on the cover, but it leaves nothing to be desired for most bootleg collectors. Nothing spectacular occurs during the short 35 minute set. The band begins the show teasing the audience by asking if Pukkel means zit and whether or not this was a "zit popping festival" (this was the Pukkelpop festival). The band roars through all 11 songs including Endless, Nameless. Oddly, Polly is the opening song (bands usually open their shows with songs that move the crowd into a frenzy)!! They opened with Polly only a handful of times in the band's career.

The sound quality is excellent and this is the only commercially released title of this performance. Two points were deducted from the grade because it's not a soundboard and because there is no additional filler (35 minutes isn't enough!). This is an excellent disc and collectors should be happy if they find this one.

This disc was first discovered by the Nirvana Bootography in Japan in November of 2000.

*Kurl provided a list dates where the band opened with Polly:
(8/24 and 8/25, obviously)

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 92% - Submitted by "jaffenlarssonth" on 2002.03.04 12:38:42 AM
Nice but not the best boot in the world. Nice artwork, looks like Wishkah but in blue... Try to find it...

Rating: 80% - Submitted by "Payedtobeplayed" on 2002.09.01 03:38:44 PM
I bought this cd rather expensively, mainly due to the awesome reviews it got. I was REALLY disappointed. Despite the quite disappointing art work, which is basically like Wishkah but blue, it also says it's a digital soundboard recording ? I think not! I also think that it's depressingly short ? a little over 35 minutes. Couldn't they have slapped something else on here? Like on the eternal legacy, they gave us the peel sessions. Also it's a pretty boring set. The come as you are is nice, and that's about it. Blew, which is usually one of my favourite tracks, left me feeling a little flat, and the 4 minute endless nameless. Overall, I'm sorry but I don't recommend this cd. I mean, some people have obviously enjoyed it, but I think it's pretty disappointing. I can only recommend this cd if you can find it cheaply. Otherwise definately don't bother.

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