LIVE NIRVANA BOOTOGRAPHY: In Memory Of "Kurdt Kobain" 2

Label: Small Clone
Catalog Number:  (SC-NR-009)
Recorded performance:  Compilation / Various

Runtime: 62:00 / 19 Tracks
Matrix: SC-NR-009 24099X IFPI L602
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Disc 1
01) Spank Thru 3:22
02) About A Girl 2:46
03) Drain You 2:59
04) Run, Rabbit, Run! 2:47
05) Smells Like Teen Spirit 2:54
06) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:21
07) Aneurysm 6:07
08) Swap Meet 3:12
09) Sifting 5:04
10) If You Must 4:18
11) Downer 1:46
12) Paper Cuts 4:15
13) High On The Hog 2:32
14) Loser 3:08
15) Lithium 4:30
16) Bambi Slaughter 1:32
17) Clean Up Before She Comes 3:08
18) Beans 1:23
19) Black & White Blues 1:56
In Memory Of "Kurdt Kobain" 2

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  93%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
What an odd disc! Basically, this `Small Clone´ - compilation contains stuff ripped from the end of "Dressed For Success"(tracks 2, 3, 13, 16, 17, 18 and 19), the rest of the disc could be considered as great stuff, and is not available elsewhere (if you don´t mind average soundquality).

I might rank this cd as the rarest `Small Clone´ disc of the whole series; I have never seen another copy of it. The
cover is unusual for the label - all other `Small Clone´ releases are made of a thicker paper stock.

Other than misspelling the title as "In Momory Of Kurdt Kobain", there are quite a few mislabels. I still think the disc deserves a grade of 93%, because it contains very good live tracks from other (rare) cds and some tracks only commercially available on this disc!

Below you will find a description about every track on this disc:

1 - Spank Thru
Taken from the "Sub Pop 200" compilation. This song, recorded at the Reciprocal Studios in the second half of 1988, features Jack Endino on backing vocals. Soundquality is as good as the official release.

2 - About A Girl
This, the first track taken from "Dressed For Success"

3 - Drain You
The second track on this cd that can be found on "Dressed For Success" in equal quality.

4 - Run Rabbit Run
This track is not the same as the one called "Run Rabbit Run" on "Outcesticide III - The Final Solution". It´s a rare live song, performed at Hoquiam Eagles Lodge in Hoquiam, WA on 12/21/88! The left channel is quieter than the right and has more hiss but soundquality is pretty good, considering the date of the recording. (AUD #1) likely from a ANA(x) > DAT source.

5 - Smells Like Teen Spirit
The only truly dissapointing track on an otherwise excellent compilation, a waste, soundquality-wise. This so called "gothic" version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit", recorded at "Top Of The Pops" on 11/27/91, seems to be ten million generations above the tapes other labels used! Get it on "Grunge Is Dead".

6 - Smells Like Teen Spirit
The second "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on this disc (!) shows why "In Memory Of Kurdt Kobain 2" can be considered as an above average compilation cd: this version of the song, recorded at "The Word" in London on 11/08/91, can´t be found anywhere else and is from a more complete rebroadcast than the great sounding but annoyingly incomplete version found on "Outcesticide II - The Needle And The Damage Done" it's only missing the first few bars. It contains an intro by host Katie Puckrick that i've never heard before.

7 - Aneurysm
On the back, this track is labeled as "Smells Like Teen Spirit (Tori Amos intro) - Aneurysm", which would make it the third "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in a row! I'm not sure whether this was a mistake or perhaps the SC-people REALLY like this song :) Actually it features the first lines of the Tori Amos cover before Nirvana breaks into "Aneurysm". Recorded at the "Roskilde Festival ´92", the complete show can be found (from a different source) on "Leer".

8 - Swap Meet
Recorded at the "Roskilde Festival ´92"; see above. The Source is Aud#3. Second last performance ever.

9 - Sifting
GREAT! Never released before! This live version of "Sifting" was played at Nirvanas first US tour at Rhino Records in Westwood, CA on 06/23/89. Probably taken from the private video (AMT#1), the sound quality is good. Likely from the old trading circle VHS(2) as it has the voume drop not present on the new version.

10 - If You Must
Tracks 10 and 11 were recorded at one of the earliest Nirvana performances on 01/23/88 and can be found only on the rare "Tacoma 1987" (which contains the complete show). They were the first songs played on that date, which is why "If You Must" doesn´t fade out and kicks straight into "Downer".

11 - Downer
See above. Rocking live version of "Downer"!!

12 - Paper Cuts
Recorded at the Club Dreamerz in Chicago, IL on 07/08/89; can be found on the rare "Bleach Out! Break Out!" (which contains the complete show) only. (Drumbeats at the beginning are missing and tape sounds like it's been eaten by the tape player at the beginning) - same source/tape as Bleach Out! Break Out!!, but much better quality overall .

13 - High On The Hog
Rare, rough song, only played once at The Bloom in Mezzago, Italy on 11/26/89, Nirvanas european "Bleach" tour. This song can be also found -in the same quality- on "Outcesticide III - The Final Solution". It was actually played before Nirvanas set and is just Kurt joining TAD for this song. A bit more generated than the trading circle version, but not bad (AMT #1) and has much more crowd noise at the beginning and a some banter that is not present on OUT 3 .

14 - Loser
Never commercially released before! This instrumental was also taken from the 11/26/89 show and features Kurt´s second and last song with TAD before Nirvana were going to play! For the following complete Nirvana show, see "In The Bloom" or "It's All Going Wrong".

15 - Lithium
What a version of "Lithium"! Although the sound is B grade, Kurt is "SCREAMING LIKE CRAZY" (quote from the back of the inlay) and it sounds just ... unbelievable. You have to decide for yourself if you like it or not. This song, definately from the US "In Utero" tour, is listed as being played at Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum in Detroit, MI on 10/29/93. Sounds amazing! An analogue dub of AUD #1 that sound a bit more dull and runs too slow compared to the trading circle version, but it has no hiss.

16 - Bambi Slaughter
The last 4 tracks can all be found on "Dressed For Success. The soundquality is identical. All tracks were recorded in 1987/1988 by Kurt using his 4 track. These tracks were lifted from Dressed For Success.

17 - Clean Up Before She Comes
See "Bambi Kill". Was recorded again in March of 1994, but is still unsurfaced until this date :(

18 - Beans
See "Bambi Kill". Exactly the same version as on "Dressed For Success".

19 - Black And White Blues
See "Bambi Kill". Exactly the same version as on "Dressed For Success".

The 2006 Reissue of this title is clearly marked as such as on the inside cover and on the disc itself, the matrix is: NIRVANA MEMORY OF K KOBAIN -02 SCNR-009.

The front cover on the re-pressing spells "Memory" correctly.

Review and Scans submitted by EndlessNameless! Special thanks to Florian Haun for the detailed source notes

"Run, Rabbit, Run!" Labeled As "Unknown"
"High On The Hog" Labeled As "Alcohol"
"Dazed And Confused" Labeled As "Unknown"
"Bambi Slaughter" Labeled As "Bambie Kill"
"Beans" Labeled As "Beans & Wine"
"Black & White Blues" Labeled As "Token Middle Eastern Song"

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