Label: Hawk
Catalog Number:  (HAWK092)
Recorded performance:  11-26-89 - Bloom - Mezzago Italy

Runtime: 56:25 / 15 Tracks
Matrix: Hawk092
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Intro
02) Dazed And Confused 5:13
03) Scoff 5:10
04) Love Buzz 3:19
05) Floyd The Barber 2:26
06) Dive 4:25
07) Sappy 3:31
08) Big Cheese 4:25
09) Spank Thru 3:19
10) About A Girl 2:35
11) Breed 4:04
12) Paper Cuts 4:29
13) Been A Son 2:15
14) Negative Creep 3:20
15) Blew 3:49
It's All Going Wrong

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  96%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This disc isn't a soundboard recording, so it's not as good as "Play The F***ing Guitar, Man" (that disc is THE standard for early recordings). The pictures on the disc inserts are interesting, and show a young Kurt Kobain.

The recording is clear and contains a nice set list (Paper Cuts and Sappy are played). The disc is very solid in all aspects (complete show). This particular performance is the one before Kurt has a nervous breakdown and threatens jump off a stack of speaker cabinets. This was a grueling tour for the band, however, except for Kurt's sickly intro, the band seems to play well. Kurt starts the show with his "screaming "intro", like the one on the Wishkah album - except he has to stop to cough.

After the first song of Nirvana's set, Chad's (Chad Channing is the drummer) snare drum breaks and Kurt and Krist perform an impromptu Led Zeppelin cover (Dazed and Confused). Krist slaughters the vocals (similar to his singing before Territorial Pissings). The rest of the show is good, and it's COMPLETE!! Not included on the disc is Kurts performance with Tad earlier in the night. He played two songs with them because Tad (the lead singer) passed out during their set. The weird circumstances around this show make it unique.

Bleach tours, and early Nevermind shows are the best. They're certainly the most interesting. A complete recording from this time is pretty nice. Great disc of the band in this era. Highly recommended if you like the early stuff.

This disc incorrectly dates the show as Flag Auditorium, November 28, 1989 instead of The Bloom, November 26 1989.

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 99% - Submitted by "spankedthru" on 2003.01.21 05:50:42 AM
This is an excellent disc. The recording is very clear and solid, although it starts a bit poorer. The band plays with lots of energy, there are many short jams between the songs, and the whole band seems to be in a good mood. There are great performances of Big cheese (probably the best ever), Floyd the barber and Spank thru. The artwork is not my favorite, but it kinda fits with the disc, it looks a bit old, just like the recording is.

"Sappy" Labeled As "If You Kill Yourself"

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11-26-89 - Bloom - Mezzago Italy
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