Label: Noise Generator
Catalog Number:  (NG 001)
Recorded performance:  02-06-92 - Selina's Coogee Bay Hotel - Sydney Australia

Runtime: 68:40 / 18 Tracks
Matrix: NG001
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Aneurysm 5:13
02) School 2:51
03) Drain You 3:56
04) Come As You Are 3:52
05) Lithium 5:15
06) About A Girl 0:08
07) About A Girl 3:02
08) Jam 0:34
09) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:50
10) Sliver
11) Polly 2:46
12) Love Buzz 4:12
13) Lounge Act 2:56
14) On A Plain 3:02
15) Blew 8:01
16) All Apologies 4:04
17) Negative Creep 3:27
18) Territorial Pissings 4:59
Sydney 1992

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  94%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This is a great disc. The sound appears to have come from an open digital microphone. It's a very clear stereo recording.... It's a little overdriven and the crowd can be heard, but it doesn't interfere. Bass feedback interferes with Smells Like Teen Spirit, most likely because of sensitive microphones.

"About a Girl" is listed twice because it's spread over two tracks. The first 8 seconds are on track 6. Whoever was indexing these songs made an error because track 7 begins when the drums kick in. This "extra" track screws up the remainder of the track listing. I wouldn't consider the "Jam" track a real jam... the band was just messing around while preparing for the next song. Sliver and Breed also share a track. The show fades at the end of "Lounge Act" and abruptly continues with "On A Plain", breaking the continuity.

Kurt isn't very talkative, but the band still plays a great set with plenty of energy. An early "All Apologies" and Lounge Act are the highlights. Overall this CD contains a solid recording of a good performance. Like many Japanese bootlegs, this one is lacking in the artwork department and doesn't have a picture on the back of the cover. This disc will make most collectors happy.

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