LIVE NIRVANA BOOTOGRAPHY: Outcesticide II - The Needle and the Damage Done

Label: Blue Moon Records
Catalog Number:  (BMCD25)
Recorded performance:  Compilation / Various

Runtime: 74:17 / 21 Tracks
Matrix: OLI 11794
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) In Bloom 4:30
02) Breed 3:05
03) Help Me 2:36
04) Oh, The Guilt 3:12
05) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:48
06) Pennyroyal Tea 4:16
07) Closing Time 2:38
08) Heart-Shaped Box 5:27
09) Scentless Apprentice 9:43
10) Been A Son 2:07
11) Something In The Way 3:20
12) Negative Creep 2:02
13) Where Did You Sleep Last Night 2:27
14) Baba O'Riley 3:13
15) The End 2:22
16) Lithium 2:55
17) Dumb 2:24
18) Molly's Lips 2:23
19) Verse Chorus Verse 3:07
20) The Man Who Sold The World 4:35
21) Smells Like Teen Spirit 2:58
Outcesticide II - The Needle and the Damage Done

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  98%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
The Outcesticide compilation series are the best known and most popular compilation series for Nirvana collectors. The information and images here are from an ORIGINAL Blue Moon issue. The majority of the "Blue Moon" Outcesticides are counterfeit copies, frequently stealing the artwork and Blue Moon logo. True Blue Moon issues do not contain blurry artwork - the easiest way to spot a fake.

The person pictured to Kurt's right on the back cover is Eugene Kelly. Eugene Kelly was in the band "The Vaselines" and sang with Kurt during the song "Molly's Lips" (A Vaselines cover) during Reading 1991. Outcesticide II was released in late 1994.

Below you can find information on each track:

1 - In Bloom
April 1990 Smart Studios

2 - Imodium
11-18-89 (Ku-Ba Hanua, Germany) - This is an early "Breed" with alternate lyrics. The sound quality is excellent, while it's technically not from a soundboard source, it is "soundboard quality".

3 - Help Me
11-22-89 (V4 Club - Vienna, Austria) - Perfect soundboard recording. If this doesn't wet your appitite for the complete (minus one song) version of this show on "Play The F***ing Guitar, Man" or "Out Of The Blue", nothing will. Amazing vocals on a rare song that was played during the 1989 European tour.

4 - Oh, The Guilt
11-17-91 - This track was "borrowed" from the Europe 1991 CD. The song was rarely played, but fortunately was recorded in the studio and released on a split single with "The Jesus Lizard."

5 - Smells Like Teen Spirit
1-23-93 (Hollywood Rock Festival; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) This track sports Flea from the Red Hot Chile Peppers on trumpet. The concert is full of funny commentary and spontanious jams. Unfortunately, the sound quality from surfaced recordings has never been very good. This track is as good as any other I've heard, but the sound drops out on the right side at a few spots. Get the trading Circle DVD for the best sounding complete version of this show.

6 - Pennyroyal Tea
10-12-91 (Cabaret Metro; Chicago, Illinois) - This is an early live version with alternate lyrics. Good sound quality.

7 - It's Closing Soon
Rio demo session 1/xx/93 - This was recorded a few days before the previously mentioned track 5, and was recorded from the John Peel Show . It's not the type of song that would be released commercially. It features Courtney on vocals and Patty Shemel on drums... Kurt contributed Bass. The most interesting thing is that Courtney Love is thanked on the back of the inlay for the track, surely a ruse by Blue Moon to appear "Legit".

8 - Heart-Shaped Box
1-23-93 (Hollywood Rock Festival; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) - This is the first known live performance of Heart Shaped Box. It is structurally different from the recorded version and includes a solo. The lyrics obviously had not been completed at this point. The sound quality is as much as you can ask for from this date.

9 - Scentless Apprentice
1-23-93 (Hollywood Rock Festival; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) - Another performance from the Rio show. Kurt goes nuts and provides the audience with a VERY extended solo.

Tracks 10 - 12
10-14-91 (Acoustic Record store Gig) This is a very interesting performance by the band in 1991. You can get the complete show from traders, but these tracks will give you a taste of what to expect. Unfortunately, the tracks are cut in between, but since it's not the complete performance anyway, it doesn't matter that much. "Negative Creep" has an interesting ending, I wonder why they didn't play that for MTV??? ;)

13 - Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
9-26-92 (Castaic Lake Natural Amphitheater - Valencia, CA) - The disc carries on with the acoustic performances. Kurt played "The Money Will Roll Right In" with Mudhoney and then goes solo with this song. There is some audience talk, but the sound is good and very listenable.

14 - Baba O'Riley
12-07-91 (Salle Omnisport (Transmusicales Festival); Rennes, France) - This is a hilarious jam with Dave on vocals. It's a real treat, especially if you like the "Who". Before the clip ends you can hear Kurt say "I Hope I die before I become Pete Townsend" in reference to Pete Townsend who was/is a world famous guitar player for the Who. This is a play on one of the Who's lyrics "Hope I die before I get old".

15 - The End
11/23/91 (Vooruit; Ghent, Belgium) - A funny outtake from one of the bands more outrageous shows. You can only get this complete show through other traders (It's not commercially available). Kurt and Krist spoof on the Doors classic which includes commentary about waffles (they were in Belgium, remember?), and the Waffle House Theme song.

16 - Lithium (Mix 6)
Aprill 1990 Smart Studios - This is the only truly disappointing track on the CD. The mix has overdriven the drums which have such a heavy beat it drowns everything out when the bass drum is hit. The "Into the Black" box set contains the song in much better quality.

17 - Dumb
2-22-94 (Palaghiaccio Marina; Rome, Italy) - This is an official release sound quality version of this song. Nothing specatular, just a nice live version from a commonly found show.

18 - Molly's Lips
11-18-89 (Ku-Ba Hanua, Germany) - A nice performance from the same show as track number 2 of this CD.

19 - Verse Chorus Verse
8-17-90 (The Palladium; Hollywood) This was rereleased from the best known source on Outcesticide V. This version isn't bad (it sounds like it's been put through noise reduction and has some slight glitches at the end), but the track on Outcesticide V is far superior.

20 - The Man Who Sold The World
12-14-93 (The Armory; Salem, Oregon) This is a nice live performance from an excellent audience source. The preferred commercially available CD for the complete show is "Psychout Induction".

21 - Smells Like Teen Spirit
11-8-91 ( The Word TV show) This is an excellent live version of the song, but the most notable part is the fact that Kurt exclaims that "I want everyone in this room to know that Courtney Love, the lead singer of the sensational pop group Hole, is the best f*** in the world!". How romantic ;) Unfortunately, the song fades at the end before it is over.

Known Matrices:
OLI 11794

There are four easy ways to check if you have am original :
- the matrix number (it can't lie, but even then check the artwork)
- the design of the disc (be careful, many counterfeits are almost perfect copies)
- the back inlay : the text is in white, it is easy to spot the counterfeited repressings due to the very blurred letters.
- pages 2-3 of the insert : the counterfeited repressing has the box with the white track listing text with a light grey colour -the scan tried to "lighten" the artwork). The original used a darker grey.

There is also a cassette Version of this release

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