Label: Sad Mop
Catalog Number:  (S-ADMOP 2200)
Recorded performance:  Compilation / Various

Runtime: 68:58 / 22 Tracks
Matrix: S-ADMOP 2200
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Love Buzz 4:24
02) Big Cheese 3:04
03) Blew 3:21
04) Love Buzz 3:22
05) Been A Son 2:54
06) Stain 4:09
07) Sliver 3:37
08) Dive 3:14
09) About A Girl 2:36
10) Spank Thru 2:34
11) Candy (The Fluid) 3:14
12) Molly's Lips 4:03
13) Venus In Furs (The Melvins) 1:38
14) Here She Comes Now 4:02
15) Lithium 3:14
16) Sappy 4:03
17) Polly 1:38
18) In Bloom 4:02
19) Dumb 3:14
20) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:03
21) Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam 1:38
22) Son Of A Gun 4:02
Complete Sub Pop Singles

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: F

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
Tracks 1 - 14 are sub pop singles as you'd expect, Tracks 15-17 are lifted from the "Total Fucking Godhead" 7" Bootleg, complete with mislabels!
Track 18 is one of the the 04/xx/90 Smart Sessions versions of In Bloom, get it in better quality along with the rest of the session in trading circles.
Track 19 is from the September 1991 John Peel Session, its a great rendition, get it on the official box set or the trading circle FM>DAT. Track 20 is Nirvana's infamous appearance on the recently defunct British TV Show " Top Of The Pops". Track 21- Location and date unknown at present.
22 is the same old version of Son Of A Gun that appears on Incesticide and a thousand other bootlegs but this time its got a skip in it!
So to sum up , out of 22 tracks 19 have been official released, 2 of these aren't even Nirvana and another 1 is faulty! the remaining 3 tracks are lifted from crackly old Vinyl bootlegs, the only redeeming feature is that Lithium is the rarer all-electric version.

This is one to avoid, several bootleg sellers have been selling this one off cheap because of the inherent skips in "Son Of A Gun" but really whats the point of buying this?

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