LIVE NIRVANA BOOTOGRAPHY: Live At Hollywood Rock Festival 93

Label: JW
Catalog Number:  (JW 1001 )
Recorded performance:  01-23-93 - Praša da Apoteose (Hollywood Rock Festival) - Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Disc 1 Runtime:  74:39 / 24 Tracks
Matrix: TSD JW 1002

Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Sweet Emotion Jam 1:59
02) Dive 3:58
03) Lounge Act 2:40
04) Aneurysm 4:57
05) Territorial Pissings 2:48
06) Blandest 3:50
07) Spank Thru 3:11
08) Downer 1:38
09) Hairspray Queen 3:57
10) Mexican Seafood 1:56
11) Polly 2:49
12) Seed 2:12
13) Sappy 2:20
14) Moist Vagina 3:25
15) Marigold 2:34
16) Sappy 3:29
17) I Hate Myself And Want To Die 2:49
18) Lithium 4:09
19) Breed 3:02
20) In Bloom 4:24
21) Stay Away (Pay To Play) 3:24
22) Son Of A Gun 2:47
23) Turnaround 2:20
24) D-7 3:47
Live At Hollywood Rock Festival 93

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A-  90%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
what an odd disc!, this basically a reissue of disc 2 of the "Live At The Hollywood Rock Festival 1993" disc (complete with badly doctored artwork to reflect the edited nature of the release) so you get 6 tracks from the show and 18 studio/home demos of varying quality, "Sappy" is the best copy available anywhere hence the high grade this disc gets. The Rio show came from a VERY generated professional open mic source and has places throughout the discs where the sound drops out for a split second (all releases of this show have this problem). The band is very animated throughout the show. If not for all the oddities that occur during the performance, this set would receive a much lower rating. Below is an attempt to transcribe most of the crazy things that go on during the show.

Before Dive - "Sweet Emotion jam" (Dave and Krist messing around, Kurt is wearing a dress.).
Krist: "Kurt looks like the little old lady in playboy magazine."
Kurt: "What magazine?"
Krist: "Playboy."
Kurt: "Little old lady from Pasadena"
Krist: "I have pubic hair like a brillo pad"
Kurt: "My water's breaking."
Krist: "Congratulations."

14. - Before "Aneurysm"
Kurt: "Toby toby toby...." (stupid song Kurt sings)

15. Before "Territorial Pissings" -
Krist: (over and over) :GO AHEAD MOTHER F***ER" "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!"

The band is as animated at this show as any other, especially when compared to other "In Utero" shows. a "nice" thing about the demo filler is the "Cracker, Seed, Sad" home demo that includes the intro to Misery Loves Company.... this intro can only be found on this disc as well as "In the Raw" .
Overall, this is a once in a lifetime type of performance that is marred by a below average recording. This is recommended for veteran collectors who might not mind the sub par recording and can appreciate the wild show. Beginners might like something a little more friendly to the ear.

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01-23-93 - Praša da Apoteose (Hollywood Rock Festival) - Rio de Janeiro Brazil
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