LIVE NIRVANA BOOTOGRAPHY: Unplugged And In Utero The Demos

Label: Before And After Music
Catalog Number:  (CD032)
Recorded performance:  11-18-93 - Sony Music Studios (MTV Unplugged) - New York, NY United States

Runtime: 79:12 / 22 Tracks
Matrix: MADE IN EEC CD 032
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Disc 1
01) About A Girl 3:14
02) Come As You Are 3:49
03) Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam 4:40
04) Dumb 3:04
05) The Man Who Sold The World 4:11
06) Pennyroyal Tea 3:44
07) Polly 3:08
08) On A Plain 3:22
09) Plateau 4:10
10) Lake Of Fire 2:39
11) All Apologies 3:51
12) Where Did You Sleep Last Night 5:11
13) Moist Vagina 3:19
14) Marigold 2:32
15) Sappy 3:27
16) I Hate Myself And Want To Die 2:45
17) Very Ape 1:48
18) Rape Me 2:41
19) Scentless Apprentice 3:40
20) Heart-Shaped Box 4:29
21) Milk It 3:47
22) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 4:42
Unplugged And In Utero The Demos

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: F  57%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
Once again we are offered yet another Unplugged release that is missing the two tracks that are found on the Geffen release. On the plus side, there is some dialogue that is usually cut on the other releases as well as on the official release, sadly although it sounds good it's mono so I reluctantly have to favour "All Acoustically" over this release despite the heavy editing on that title. The second half of the disc is some In Utero "Demos" which turn out to only be the alternate mix to In Utero before the final mix was done. The In Utero demos provide a slightly different sound but are probably not enough to warrant getting this particular release. This particular release should probably be passed over since there are several other discs which contain more of the In Utero demos than this one.

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