Label:  none
Catalog Number:  (NIR251191)
Recorded performance:  11-25-91 - Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL

Runtime: 78.22 / 20 Tracks
Matrix: NI -PARA 5
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Drain You 3:54
02) Aneurysm 4:22
03) School 2:40
04) Floyd The Barber 2:57
05) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:38
06) About A Girl 2:51
07) Polly 2:40
08) Lithium 4:11
09) Sliver 2:05
10) Breed 2:56
11) Come As You Are 5:41
12) Been A Son 2:04
13) Negative Creep 2:47
14) On A Plain 3:06
15) Blew 3:11
16) Love Buzz 3:24
17) Territorial Pissings 4:11
18) Where Did You Sleep Last Night 6:25
19) Here She Comes Now 4:54
20) Crisco 9:15

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: B  77%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This disc took the Paradiso tracks from the "Paradiso Lost" which in turn used a mono analogue cassette of the 2nd FM broadcast, I'd personally reccomend Getting "Sliver" for the excellent sound quality on that release, even though that cd is missing the infamous nails-down-a-blackboard rendition of "Come As You Are"
I suppose its good that the makers of this cd included the VPRO Radio session from the morning of the 25th (misdated as the 26th on this release) even though they used the RealAudio versions proposed by VPRO on the internet in late 2002.

This show really polarises fans, theres those that love it, and those like myself who find it somewhat boring and are put off by Kurts obvious contempt towards the audience and find it baffling that Geffen/Universal have chosen to officially release so many tracks from this show.
Krist Novoselic himself, in a radio interview, described this show as a "low key" event after the chaos of the Gent show on the 23rd. Those in search of a good Nevermind-era show with good sound quality would probably be better advised to pick up the 10/31/91 show on whichever disc of that show is easiest to find
The radio session is fairly interesting but doesn't stand up to repeating listening like the legendary Peel Sessions do.
Track 20 is the unknown song that was also played live in Manchester 9 days later.

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11-25-91 - Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL
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