Label: Rolling Thunder Records
Catalog Number:  (RT 56004)
Recorded performance:  01-23-93 - Praša da Apoteose (Hollywood Rock Festival) - Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Disc 1 Runtime:  76:58 / 19 Tracks
Matrix: VAI 56004-2132 7S513991

Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) School 2:46
02) Drain You 3:34
03) Breed 2:53
04) Sliver 2:06
05) In Bloom 4:17
06) Come As You Are 3:28
07) Love Buzz 3:33
08) Lithium 4:25
09) Polly 2:45
10) About A Girl 2:42
11) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:47
12) On A Plain 3:42
13) Negative Creep 2:24
14) Been A Son 2:00
15) Blew 2:57
16) Heart-Shaped Box 5:48
17) Scentless Apprentice 9:34
18) Aneurysm 4:40
19) Territorial Pissings 2:20
Heroes And Heroine

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating:

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This is an "OK" version of the 01-23-93 show if you can not get "Hollywood Rock Festival 93." This is a one disc version of this show. Since they squeezed the show onto a single CD, you have quite a bit of editing.. First off you are missing the intro. Not to mention minor editing in-between a few songs and a major edit after Scentless Apprentice (to remove DJ banter) which cuts out Sweet Emotion, Dive, & Lounge Act from the show!

This is an average disc... But not something for everyone. Get the complete audio or video before handing out the cash for this disc. This disc was initially thought to be sourced from the professional video just like the "Live At Hollywood Rock" 2cd set but in fact its sourced from the rarely traded FM broadcast and does not have the drop outs that affect "Live At The Hollywood Rock Festival".
Thanks to Mark Woodley

"Heart-Shaped Box" Labeled As "Lithium"

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01-23-93 - Praša da Apoteose (Hollywood Rock Festival) - Rio de Janeiro Brazil
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