Label: Dead Star
Catalog Number: TDSCD-008 (on disc)
Recorded performance:  07-08-89 - Club Dreamerz - Chicago, IL United States

Runtime: 49:38 / 13 Tracks
Matrix: TDSCD-008
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) School 4:23
02) Floyd The Barber 2:27
03) Love Buzz 4:00
04) Mr. Moustache 3:13
05) Paper Cuts 4:50
06) Polly 3:13
07) Big Cheese 4:01
08) Spank Thru 3:11
09) Dive 4:11
10) About A Girl 3:23
11) Scoff 4:38
12) Negative Creep 3:06
13) Blew 4:24
Bleach Out! Break Out!

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  97%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
Excellent 1989 era show and one of only Three commercially released performances with Jason Everman! The recording features extremely clear sound quality, a couple of jams and a semi-rare performance of Mr. Moustache. It sounds like an audience recording but there is little to no interference from people talking or applauding. The club almost sounds empty.

This pressing surfaced in October 2006. If you are fortunate enough to find this disc in any pressing, pick it up

Despite the longer runtime than the original pressing, this disc isn't anymore complete than the 1st pressing. All discs on the Dead Star label have a small amount of dead space tacked on the end of the disc, the label refers to these repressings as remasters but the sound is identical to the 1st Small Clone pressing, it's been retracked


1 - School: The recording starts with Kurt fooling around on the guitar while music is played in the background, possibly by the club. When the background music is turned off, Kurt says "Hello. We're Nirvana. We're from Seattle." They play School. Kurt's vocals are really high in the mix and overpower the instruments somewhat.

2 - Floyd The Barber: The vocals aren't as loud in this song. Kurt's really singing with a lot of power, though occassionally his voice suffers a little as it sounds like he's screaming.

3 - Love Buzz: The sound is excellent and very powerful. If this had been the recorded version Kurt wouldn't have had anything to complain about. There's a bit of silence when the song is over while they get ready to play the next song.

4 - Mr. Moustache: Before the song it sounds like Krist shouts to the audience "More Reeses Pieces". The song is great, and the band pulls it off smoothly (they usually mess up during the song).

5 - Paper Cuts: The sound is garbled in the beginning like a tape being eaten. Otherwise, this is an excellent performance of this song. Kurts vocals are very powerful. Krist says "thanks a lot" to the audience when they finish the song. Then there's more dead space, though it could be Krist fooling around because you can hear members of the audience laughing.

6 - Polly: It features loud, electric guitar, but it isn't fast like (New Wave) Polly. It sounds almost heavy metal. Maybe this is Jason's influence at work here? A few of the songs they play at this show sound a little on the heavy metal side. After the song is over, there's more laughing from the audience. I wish I had a video so I could see what they were laughing about!

7 - Big Cheese: Standard Bleach era performance.

8 - Spank Thru: Excellent scream!

9 - Dive: Dive features a weird, but cool solo.

10 - About A Girl: They start playing About A Girl, then they stop, then they start again. They rock this song up a bit. There's more dead silence after the song.

11 - Scoff: Kurt sounds like he's having a hard time remembering the words. He doesn't mess them up, but you can almost hear him thinking because he waits a little longer to say each line.

12 - Negative Creep: Kurt sings the chorus a little different, so that it sounds like "...ain't a girl--NAMORE!" instead of "...ain't a girl--NO--MORE!" It's a minor thing, but you will notice it. There's a cut after the song ends, but it doesn't seem like anything is really missing. Krist says, "Thanks a lot for coming."

13 - Blew: Krist says, "Thanks a lot!" Well, I guess Krist was really happy they came to the show!

The First Pressing on the Dead Star Label used the (presumably left over) artwork from the small clone 2nd pressing to house the new "Dead Star Co." disc. The 2nd Pressing had the new "Dead Star" Artwork

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