Label: Small Clone(Fake)
Catalog Number:  SC-NR-015
Recorded performance:   Compilation / Various

Runtime: 59:36 / 19 Tracks
Matrix: unknown
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Blew 2:57
02) Beeswax 2:50
03) Aero Zeppelin 4:41
04) If You Must 4:10
05) Mexican Seafood 2:03
06) Pen Cap Chew 3:04
07) If You Must 3:55
08) Downer 1:41
09) Floyd The Barber 2:20
10) Paper Cuts 4:08
11) Spank Thru 3:33
12) Hairspray Queen 4:16
13) Aero Zeppelin 4:29
14) Beeswax 2:48
15) Mexican Seafood 1:52
16) Sliver 2:38
17) Dumb 2:21
18) Polly 3:55
19) About A Girl 1:46
Reciprocal Studio Demos

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating:

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
For a long time this disc was overlooked because a first look at the tracklist makes you think it's just a bunch of generated copies of officially released material, but it actually contains some interesting stuff that the serious collector will likely appreciate despite the fairly low sound quality. It is worth noting that on tracks 2 to 16 the channels are out of phase.

Track 01: Reciprocal Studios, Seattle, 06/11/88.
This is the best sounding source available for this early version of 'Blew'.

Tracks 02 - 06: Reciprocal Studios, Seattle, 01/23/88.
These tracks are useless as they're all officially released, although when this bootleg was made 'If You Must' and 'Pen Cap Chew' were still unreleased, so this could have been a reasonable substitute if you couldn't get the preferred sources from trading circles or bootlegs such as 'Into The Black'. The source is a demo tape that became available to traders on the flip side of the 35-minute "Montage of heck" tape, which includes an incomplete version of the session, missing 'Hairspray Queen'. The first couple of drum beats on 'If You Must' are cut on this disc.

Tracks 07 - 15: Reciprocal Studios, Seattle, 01/23/88.
These tracks are from Jack Endino's mix of the session and with the exception of 'If You Must' don't seem to be available anywhere else as every other source, official and unofficial, comes from the band's mix of the demo, which was done right after recording the songs. Jack Endino made his own mix after the band left the studio and this is what we have here. The songs sound slightly different in the balance between the instruments and the use of reverb, particularly on the drums. 'If You Must' is slightly cut in again, this song and the missing 'Pen Cap Chew' from this mix are available in nearly perfect quality on a recently surfaced tape that Cobain gave to a fan.

Track 16: Reciprocal Studios, Seattle, 07/11/90 & 07/24/90.
From the 'Sliver' 7" single. It sounds generated and the phone call is incomplete. No big deal since you should already have this song on Incesticide and the phone call is something you'll only want to listen to once.

Tracks 17-19: Waterloo Records, Austin, TX.
Acoustic in-store performance. Worse sounding than trading-circle version and 'About A Girl' is cut.

Special Thanks to Javier Diaz for this updated review.

This is a so-called "new original reissue by Small Clone", but you can see that the inside of inlay and back insert are the same as the ones used by "The Dead Star Co". As no one for now can PROVE that "The Dead Star Co" are the guys of "Small Clone" (strange that they did not use the original artwork and used scans instead, and that they tried to trick the fans with the first series of counterfeits that looked like the original pressings), those various Japanese repressings are fakes to me.

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