Label: Vintage Nirvana Recordings
Catalog Number:  (VNRCD03)
Recorded performance:  09-11-92 - Seattle Center Coliseum (WMIC Benefit) - Seattle, WA United States

Runtime: 77:54 / 23 Tracks
Matrix: Unknown
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Breed 3:12
02) Drain You 3:37
03) Aneurysm 4:28
04) School 3:04
05) Sliver 1:58
06) In Bloom 4:17
07) Come As You Are 3:31
08) Lithium 4:17
09) About A Girl 2:57
10) tourette's 1:58
11) Polly 2:50
12) Lounge Act 2:30
13) Smells Like Teen Spirit 5:00
14) On A Plain 3:03
15) Negative Creep 2:30
16) All Apologies 3:56
17) Been A Son 2:24
18) Blew 3:10
19) Dumb 3:04
20) Rape Me 2:22
21) Stay Away 3:29
22) Love Buzz 3:19
23) Territorial Pissings 6:44
Bienvenue Au Plat Pays

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: F  27%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
Oh Dear! This disc is a defective clone of Banned for Life with clicks and pops scattered throughout the show, avoid!. The set list is fantastic and includes a lot of early "In Utero" material (3 songs), Lounge Act, and the "More than a feeling" intro for "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

During the "demolition" Krist tells the audience "you guys can leave 'cause we're going to be up here for a while." You need to hear this one to appreciate it. This is one of the best performances ever captured on a commercial bootleg. This disc would have received a grade of 100% if it had been a soundboard recording. Some of the between-song banter has also been edited, however, it's impossible to detect unless you have the complete recording to compare "Bienvenue Au Plat Pays" with.

"Banned For Life" is the preferred disc for this date

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09-11-92 - Seattle Center Coliseum (WMIC Benefit) - Seattle, WA United States
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