Label:  Blue Moon Records
Catalog Number:   BMCD Y2K
Recorded performance:   Compilation / Various

Runtime: 22 Tracks
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Love Buzz
02) Heart-Shaped Box
03) Heart-Shaped Box
04) Rape Me
05) Serve The Servants
06) Dumb
07) Sifting
08) Aneurysm
09) Oh, The Guilt
10) Four Month Media Blackout
11) On A Plain
12) All Apologies
13) Even In His Youth
14) Token Eastern Song
15) Old Age
16) Here She Comes Now
17) Gypsies, Tramps, And Thieves
18) Heartbreaker
18) How Many More Times
18) Immigrant Song
18) Moby Dick
18) Run Rabbit Run
Outcesticide VI: Raw Power

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating:   No rating (never released)

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
After the release of Outcesticide V: Disintegration release, by Blue Moon Records, in 1998, there was to be another Outcesticide release titled Outcesticide VI: Raw Power in the early 2000s, but this disc never materialized.

Outcesticide VI: Raw Power was never produced, with only the preview files of the artwork, tracklisting, and liner notes being created sometime around March, 2002, and were given to Mitch Vassar (owner of now defunct Nirvana website in order to see if there was any interest in a release by the label, for the online Nirvana trading community.

The reaction from the Nirvana Trading Community was overall negative as to what was circulating amongst them, and Blue Moon Records decided to hold off on producing the title. Blue Moon Records held off on production of Outcesticide VI: Raw Power in hopes of releasing a title that would be better received, and there was eventually a big bust in a number of places that resulted in the work being confiscated, which also could've been a reasoning as to why the label never produced the set.

Below you can find information on each track:

Track 1:
Originally Kurt wanted the 'Love Buzz' single to have a longer introduction using his home made cut-up audio experiments, however he was outvoted and this part ended up on the floor of Reciprocal Recording.

Tracks 2-4:
Rehearsals recorded at NBC TV Studios for the Saturday Night Live TV show broadcast on the 23rd of September 1993. These rehearsals took place two days earlier on Thursday afternoon and bored the band senseless showing yet another downside of the industry.

Tracks 5-6:
Another year, another tour and more TV, this time in Italy for the RAI-TV show The Tunnel Club situated in Rome. Recorded on February the 23rd 1994 and featuring Melora Creager on cello, this is a master source upgrade.

Track 7:
An instrumental demo version recorded at Reciprocal Recording, Seattle during the Bleach album sessions in late December, 1988. Nice guitar work from Kurt throughout.

Tracks 8-14:
An unfinished and unmixed demo tape recorded on New Years day at the Music Source Studio in Seattle with soundman Craig Montgomery overseeing proceedings. Completed versions of 'Aneurysm' and 'Even In His Youth' were later issued as B-sides, whilst 'On A Plain' and 'All Apologies' feature early, alternate lyrics.

The long lost 'Token Eastern Song' reverts to backing track status with previous lyrics used on the version (identified then as 'Junkyard') played live on the 1989 European tour consigned to the dumper. The newer 'Oh, The Guilt' is still awaiting lyrics, but the real surprise is the very early appearance of 'Four Month Media Blackout' (Kurt's original title for 'Radio Friendly Unit Shifter') almost two years before the recording for the 'In Utero' album.

Track 15:
A clip from a rehearsal tape recorded at the Dutchman in Seattle during September, 1990. Within six months it had been rewritten as 'Old Age' and was on the short list for inclusion on the 'Nevermind' album. By the winter of 1992, Kurt had donated the song to Hole who recorded it for the B-side of their 'Beautiful Son' single. Kurt and Courtney used to swap many songs and lyrics, another example of this being 'Pennyroyal Tea', a track originally written for Hole, but later recorded by Nirvana.

Track 16:
A stunning eight-minute set opener recorded at the Milestone, Charlotte, on May 2nd, 1990. This Velvet Underground classic soon turns into a extended freeform guitar workout, killer stuff!

Track 17:
As with most of their daft early cover versions Chris takes over vocal duties for this 1987 rehearsal romp through the old Sonny and Cher song.

Tracks 18-19:
Regardless of people trying to rewrite history, in the backwoods of Washington 70's supergroup Led Zeppelin still ruled, and here's the proof. 'Heartbreaker' and 'How Many More Times' were recorded during a riotous night at the Dude Ranch party house in Tacoma during the Spring of 1987.

Tracks 20-21:
Both 'Immigrant Song' and 'Moby Dick' were captured on a mobile lo-fi unit at Winter dates in Seattle the same year. Air guitars a-go-go!! Smashing amps and fire alarms to close the set.

Track 22:
Captured in glorious lo-fi at a Seattle gig in '87, this is a cover of a song by Finnish glamsters 'Smack'. Previously wrongly listed on Outcesticide: III, this is the real deal.


Track 15 actually recorded at a band rehearsal in March 1991 in Tacoma, Washington.

Tracks 18-19, recording date is actually sometime in 1987, at The Green House, in Raymond, Washington. The actual month and date of the show is unknown and currently debated.

Tracks 20-21, actually recorded on January 23, 1988 at Community World Theater in Tacoma, Washington.

Track 22 actually recorded December 21, 1988 at The Underground, in Seattle, Washington.


"Love Buzz" lablled as "Buzzcut".

"Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" labelled as "Four Month Media Blackout", Cobain's original alternate/working title of the song.

"Old Age" labelled as "Old Lady". | all documents, unless otherwise noted, © 2001 - Present | Contact webmaster