10 1990
U A Little Bit Of This...
U All Apologies
  All The Kings Horses
C Amsterdam Love Buzz
  As Alive As Ever
  BBC Transcription Services: B.B.C. In Concert Show No. 666
A Bleach Sessions
A Breed - The Nevermind Sessions
U Come As You Are - The Dirty Funker Remixes
U Come (As You Are)
U Come As You Are 2003 (Andy Caldwell's Remix)
  Come Back With Us
U Drain You (The Bitch Slap Mix)
  Drop Dead
  Entertain Us
C Everblind
U Funky Boots One
Home Party 87
  In Store Sampler
U Jean Spirit
Let It Be Records
U Lithium (Breaks Remix)
U Lithium - Dirty Funker Remix
A Live
  Live At the Reading Festival 1991
  Live From The Reading Festival 23 August 1991
  Live Reading Festival - August 1991
A- Love Box
U Marie
U Mixed Bizness (2002)
U Mixed Bizness (2004)
Moderate Rock
MTV 1992 Unreleased Geffen Tapes
U Nevermind Remix LP
A- Newcastle '91
C Nirvana
A- Ok Let's Rock!
U Premier Toons Vol 12
A+ Psychotic Reaction
C Radio Show 1991
A- Saturday Night Not So Live
A- Seattle Sound, Sounds Great
  Seventh Heaven
Singles + Rarities
U Smells Like Emerge
U Smells Like Freeland
U Smells Like Teen Spirit 2003
U Smells Like Teen Spirit(Remix)
U Smells Like Teen Spirit
  Spring Is Here Again
Sub Pop Sessions
Super Rarities Vol.1
Super Rarities Vol.2
U The Nirvana EP
  Unplugged (Pirate Picture Disc)
Unreleased Bleach Sessions
Verse Chorus Verse
U Welcome DJ EP 04
A Whiplash
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