There are several methods by which one can obtain NIRVANA bootlegs on all formats:

This is the most popular and preferred method of obtaining NIRVANA bootleg recordings. With the popularity of the internet people have found the process of trading to be increasingly easier. Trading is done through the mail between two individuals who each have something the other wants. No money changes hands in a trade, therefore it is NOT illeagal. Traders also have a greater variety of material than Bootleg CD manufacturers.

Often when a trader has nothing to offer in return they choose to purchase NIRVANA bootlegs. Although it is against the law to sell bootlegs most traders (especially those just starting out) don't mind selling to help out newer traders when necessary. Average prices for NIRVANA bootlegs:

It should be stressed that the sales of bootlegs is 100% illegal. This section is only listed here to prevent individuals from paying too much for a potential recording (CDRs of the Fake Fecal Matter demo still sell for hundreds of dollars on eBAY).

2:1s AND 3:1s (aka blank trades)
This method is most preferred by traders with smaller collection, seeing as it doesn't really turn a significant profit, but still allows trading to pay for itself. Often traders are willing to trade 1 NIRVANA CD-R for 2 Blank CD-Rs. This same ratio usually applies to VHS Video Cassettes and Analog Cassettes as well. Sometimes traders who don't have time to do 2:1s are willing exchange one of there NIRVANA CD-Rs for 3 Blank CDs. This trade ratio isn't unheard of but anything higher than a 3:1 (Blank) trade is usually frowned upon.

If searching for originals (See Dynamics of a "Bootleg") or looking to purchase NIRVANA bootlegs on any other format Auction services are usually a good alternative. The most popular of these are eBAY and Yahoo!Auctions. Although eBAY does have a user feedback and rating system, unfortunately it is essentially not any safer than buying through individuals. One service that adds some security for the buyer is Pay Pal. Pay Pal offers a plethora of services for the average buyer that protects them from getting ripped off in many of cases.

If you have a newsgroup provider and reader some great places to look for traders are,, If you don't have a newsgroup reader, or if you are simply trying another approach you might also want to post in Digital Nirvana Trader's Forum, Nirvana Internet Fan Club "Swap Meet" Forum. Posting messages all of those places above are sure to yield dozens of responses in less than 24 hours. Looking through other trader's references lists can at times also yield positive results. is also a great way to find traders all over the globe.