Kris pittyin da fool. As well as being the most respected trader in NIRVANA bootleg trading history, Kris Sproul has impacted our trading community through countless surfacings, remasterings, and flawlessly maintaining The NIRVANA Live Guide.

Kris Sproul surfaced the 03/??/87 first live show (in good quality), 10/06/89, and 11/14/91, and has had a hand in countless others. Kris was the first person to trade out a large number of upgrades, a small selection of which are: 11/22/89 complete, 02/14/90 video, 03/20/90 upgrade, 08/24/90 video, 10/24/91 video, 12/28/91 monitor mix, 11/14/93 upgrade, 02/05/92 upgrade.

Most in the community agree that Kris is the only person in the NIRVANA trading community who has the expertise to remaster NIRVANA live performances correctly. Kris has invested thousands of dollars in top-notch cassette decks and DAT machines and over the years has archived the lowest known generations of a high percentage of the surfaced concerts, which he then trades out to the community. A glance at any trader's list will demonstrate how far Kris's influence pervades.

In 1999 Kris Sproul also became the primary maintainer of The NIRVANA Live Guide, started years before by Rob Holmes. Under Kris's administration, the NLG has become a truly definitive document, which can be relied upon for accurate setlists and information, and as such has been the basis for many documents on this website and elsewhere. Unlike so many of the 'classic' NIRVANA reference documents, Kris also still actively maintains it. Without a doubt, Kris Sproul will continue to be a key player in the NIRVANA trading community for years to come. salutes you, Kris Sproul!