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Introduction [LN] was founded by Frank Morris, Matt Reeder and Katey Corrigan in 2000, with a site team including Charles Furth as Editor. By the end of the year, LN had already established itself as the internet site of choice for the discerning NIRVANA enthusiast. Frank Morris decided to cede control of the site in March 2001 to Adam Andrews and Charles Furth, by which point LN had just under 80,000 hits.

Adam and Charles rapidly expanded the site and wrote much of the material which remains the basis for much of LN's content to this day, with considerable and generous assistance from those site staff listed here. The site passed 1,000,000 unique visitors in 2003 and to date has amassed over 10,000,000 hits. LN also remains grateful for the kind contributions of other authoritative sections over time, as noted in each section's credits.

Today, LN aims to continue to be the leading source for authoritative information on all aspects of NIRVANA, and to document the band by uncovering as many contemporaneous historical sources as possible, such as live recordings, videos, photographs, reviews and interviews. We are grateful for the support of all our readers in joining us in this quest.

This site values its financial, commercial and editorial independence highly, is run for fans by fans, and we can assure our readers that this tradition will continue indefinitely. As such LN does not have any advertising banners on any of its pages, nor do the owners seek to profit from NIRVANA or their music, images or copyrights in any way.