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Endless, Nameless

Nirvana Song

Song Author

Writing Period
Fall 1990/Winter 1991

Recording Session(s)
May-June, 1991 Sound City Studios - Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA {prod Butch Vig}

September 3, 1991 BBC Radio 1: John Peel Session Maida Vale Studios - London, UK

An anonymously circulated mp3 featuring incomplete clips of three separate songs (Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, Endless, Nameless, and Seasons in the Son) from unknown performances suggests this song might have been debuted on 1/18/91.

This experimental song was recorded at the Nevermind sessions after one of the takes of Lithium went bad.  There is a photograph in Come As You Are that shows Kurt's smashed Stratocaster from this recording.

Cobain wanted to hide the track at the end of the Nevermind CD because he liked the way Her Majesty was hidden on the Beatles' album Abbey Road (he also put strange songs and loud noises at the end of mixed tapes to scare his friends).  Due to a technical error the first 50,000 CDs did not contain the song. After the mistake was realized, the song was added to CDs and can be found after ten minutes of silence following Something In The Way. After a period of time DGC stopped including the song on American pressings of the CD. It is believed to still be in print on UK versions, though.

Endless, Nameless was often used as an instrument destruction jam to close concerts, most notably during several shows in '91. Towards the end of '93 Nirvana just played an improvised version of the song.


Alternate/Working Titles
Secret Song

Common Mislabels
The Noise Jam
Guitar Demolition
Sorry Ma'am
The End Of Music (End Of Concert)
Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flwo Through The Strip
Come On Death

Mislabels in the Bootography
Here I Am
No Title As Yet
She Said...
Burn Out

Lyrics have never been officially transcribed. Below are interpretations:

Nevermind version

Silence, here I am
I am, silent

Bright and clear, it's what I am
Silence, I'am dyin'

Mother, Father
Father, Mother

Death and violence
Excitement, I am

I am lyin' dyin'
Go to hell

Mother, no mas
No mas, Mama

Still, silence
I am, hurt again

Imagine that, crime
Here I am



1991.09.03 - Maida Vale Studios

Hey man, save me
Do you care, save me
Here i am (x4)

Momma, poppa
Momma, poppa

Sorry man, here i am
Save me, do you care?
Save me, do you care?
Save me, here i am

I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so (x2)

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